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Eminem Songs Defined

Understanding Eminem Songs

Guts Over FearRap God

When I'm GoneMockingbird

Not AfraidSpace Bound

HeadlightsCleanin Out My Closet

Without MeNo Love

The way I see some of Eminem's songs are finding the correct answer to why people are so negative with others.

The problem is not too many people have the answer to everyone else's question. Eminem had to go out and pursue his career in hip-hop. He didn't have anyone to give him advice.

His path had to be set by himself. The point that he makes in his songs is that you have got to go out and get what you want.

There can't be fear in doing so because then you will never go for it. I feel that a lot of people are afraid of taking a chance.

I understand that you have to have a maintaining lifestyle. Why be comfortable with it? You only live once so it's best to see what all you can do.

You shouldn't be scared to try something new. You'll never know what kind of life it will turn out to be.

Understand Eminem's hip…

Lil Wayne Songs Defined

Understanding Lil Wayne Songs

Love MeDrop The World


6 Foot 7 FootLollipop

Rich As FuckSingle

No WorriesGo DJ

One of the best rappers alive today is Lil Wayne. He has brought Cash Money Records a lot of success throughout these years. 
If it wasn't for him, the company wouldn't be who they are today. These Lil Wayne songs are some of his most popular of all time. 
I understand that Lil Wayne seems like he has fun and makes music that only talks about getting girls to his bedroom. 
If you have grown up to his music though like I have, I see more of it. He represents what being a girl should be like. He is not someone promoting to others to go out and cheat. 
He is only trying to send the message that if you like the girl, be all for her. Don't cut corners and avoid giving her what she deserves. 
If you got someone that you want, get her by telling her everything that is on your mind. If they aren't down with it, you will know to move on to one that is. 
No guy can…

Aaliyah Songs Defined

Understanding Aaliyah Songs
Are You That SomebodyIf Your Girl Only Knew
Miss YouMore Than A Woman
We Need A ResolutionOne In A Million
Try AgainThe One I Gave My Heart To
Come OverRock The Boat

When I think about Aaliyah, I think of what I gained from Aaliyah songs. I remember my younger years. 
It was the time that I wanted to listen and learn from one of the most special people out there such as herself. Her music introduced me to what a woman felt inside. 
It showed me how much it meant for a girl to find a good man. One that would care for her. One that she can share her heart to. A man that wouldn't hurt her if she opened up to him. 
I used this knowledge to develop a feeling inside of me to respect the first woman I fell in love with. We were married and have two children. Even though times got rough financially, 
I still hold this love inside. Sometimes I wish I would have used it for someone else that deserved this energy. 
I am grateful that she gave me kids though. I realize…

Usher Songs Defined

Understanding Usher Songs

U Don't Have To Call

Can U Handle It

U Got It Bad


Confessions Part II


Artists like Usher can be the backbone to what we feel about our relationships we have had in the past or in our present. The Usher songs below can get to someone in a deep way if they have experienced these feelings for someone before.

Usher has been one of my inspirational singers the whole time I grew up. The Usher songs above have taught me how to love a woman the right way.

I never thought that I would fall in love with someone that would 9 years later divorce me due to financial issues. Just because I didn't have money didn't mean she had to look at me like a piece of crap.

Sometimes people fall for the wrong ones. I am sure I am not the only one out there. The thing about it is I did so by understanding the lyrics to Usher's music. His songs taught me how to open and express myself.

I learned how to become best friends with my soul mate. I never thought that it…

R Kelly Songs Defined

Understanding R Kelly Songs

When one is considered a good lyricist, it means you have the ability to write out words that could go on a beat or in a music.

Music is enjoyed most times by art enthusiasts, where they get carried away because of the connection in either lyrics, instruments or rhythm.

This is usually with a verse or chorus. Great artists of the 21st century in terms of music are unique in their own way.

Some have the ability to interpret an instrument into a perfect song, while others have the articulation to write a lyric that will suit the human condition.

This makes the listeners connected to these songs they hear by R Kelly. Below, we are going to look at a few lyrics from different R Kelly songs and give you an interpretation of what the lyrics are all about in the songs.

Step In The Name Of Love

“and u can be sure that (can be sure) that somebody's gonna make love from the night until the day”

In this song, the lyrics explain to us that he means more when it come…

Destiny's Child Songs Defined

Understanding Destiny's Child Songs

Music is an essential tool for conveying emotions. The carry a lot of depth when accosted with pure feelings. 
The music by Destiny's Child does well with just instruments, others are the lyrics. Some lyrics are mind healing, some come as a message to the listener. 
However, we may want to understand them, Destiny's Child songs have a message that is passed across to the listener and we will look into some of these lyrics in order to relate their music to our situations.

Say My Name

"Shouldn't be no reason why you're acting strange If nobody's holding you back from me"

In this lyric, we find them talking to a lover who is assumed to be cheating. Clearly, it is stated that the affection between them shouldn’t bring about strangeness. Anyone who has a cheating spouse will relate to the lyric above.

"Cause I know how you usually do Where you're saying everything to me times two Why can't you just tell the t…

Neyo Songs Defined

Understanding Neyo Songs

Part Of The List


When You're Mad

Do You

Sexy Love

Because Of You

"I’m so strung out on you"

When you get so involved with the one person that you believe completes you, it's hard to focus and concentrate on what you have to do outside of loving them.

You might have a problem with focusing at work or doing your errands because all you can do is have her on your mind.

"Baby, you have become my addiction"

You love her so much that you find yourself being addicted to it. It's like a drug you tried before that you can't get away from.

You wake up every day thinking about what you and her will do next. If she doesn't answer your phone calls, you start going crazy.

Somehow, you must get a hold of her knowing that you will have the chance to hang out with her today.

"I try and try, but my obsession won't let me leave"

You try to get your mind on something else but you can't help it. You don't want to come off …