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Drake Songs

One song by Drake, Take Care, is when two people want to get together but just can't yet. They both have been burned before.

They try to figure out what it will take to get repaired when they loved their ex's so much. It's hard to be alone but it is all you want to do right now.

You feel this way because life doesn't make sense to you right now. You tried so hard to keep something so real together and it got dropped.

Your emotions are scared. It's hard to pick back up when you feel that someone didn't care about you as much as you did for them.

Now you both are sitting next to each other wondering if you should give it a shot with one another. Will it work or not?

It is possible it will because you both have a heart. You used it towards the wrong people and it was torched alive.

This is possible that it won't happen because you both can respect what it feels like to get hurt as bad as you two are feeling right now.

This is where love can be repaired and brought into another relationship. The connection between you and her will go a lot quicker.

Your feelings are out in the open so they can be directed to support each other and make life a lot happier for you and her.

Try it and see what happens. If it fails, be friends. Just know that it might not have been the right time for you or her.

Read more descriptions below and enjoy the list of various Drake songs.

God's Plan

Diplomatic Immunity


The Motion


Messages From You

Own It

Worst Behavior

5am In Toronto


0 To 100

Too Much

Days In The East


Miss Me

The Motto

Brand New

Girls Love Beyonce

10 Bands

305 To My City

Childs Play

Back To Back

After hearing Drake Take Care, I think to myself what it felt like to get completely destroyed inside by the only woman that I ever loved.

Repairing a broken heart is difficult if a man gave it his all to a woman. I have been in that situation. I feel like I still am heartbroken but not as bad to this day.

"I'll be there for you." "I know that you've been hurt by someone else." These two quotes are coming from a man and a woman that both have been hurt before.

I honestly believe that it would work out well with two broken hearts meeting each other.

I feel that the love would be so much stronger. The reason why is because they both know what caused them to be in the state that they are in now.

They would both know better not to go down that path again. Their lesson was learned and it's time to treat a connection with better respect this time around.

It isn't anyone's fault that these things happen. It is just something that must be taken as a life experience.

Bottom line is I would be worried about dating someone that has never been in love before. Someone that doesn't know what it's like to get hurt.

That's only because they would be more prone to hurting me quicker than I could take another heartbreak.

The song Take Care, from a certain point of view, gives a feeling of the comforted relationship soon to come. It also resembles emotionally when a man and a woman relate to one another because of what they have gone through before.

Their pasts have brought them together because what has been done to them both. They can be strong together because they both know how to love when even though their past partners didn’t want to love back. Fortunately, they have met and will probably last forever now.

The song, Sacrifices, brings a real vision to what it takes to give up pursuing something that seems impossible at the time due to certain things standing in your way to accomplishing it. By taking out negativity in your life, you bring more focus to the table.

Your path begins to get clearer because the fog is leaving the area that you want to proceed. For example, by falling out of love with someone that is telling you that you won’t accomplish what you think you're going to makes it easier for you to believe in yourself.

It’s too bad that they never understood what you wanted to understand. It was a sacrifice you were willing to take.

Hotline bling can remind someone of those time when they were in love with someone and realize that those memories of what was happening mean more to you now more than ever.

At the time, those phone calls weren’t so important other than just meaning that it was another call from your girl. Now that she doesn’t want nothing to do with you, it comes to your mind that those calls were the caring and love involved with being interested in you.

You left her thinking that everything was fine but when you returned after not receiving communication from her anymore, you realize that she has made her own life without you now. That hurts.

How Bout now is a song that details what it’s like when success has landed into someone’s lap that you might have known before who was taking a path that you never thought would work.

Once that path can be proven now, people wonder if they can be involved since they knew you for a long time and now your famous. It is up to you to treat those the way they should be treated now that you have the fame and money to do so.

Remember to rub that success in the faces of who didn’t believe you at the time because the bottom line is they suck right now but you are up right now and it’s time for you to no longer care about them since they didn’t care about you for so long.

When your success has brought you to a level that you can give back to those that try so hard in life to at least give them a boost to the path they are going, that’s God’s plan.

Increase their chances of having a happier life by providing them some funding towards their hardworking efforts to get out of the struggle and support their family in a more comfortable way.

There is no need for you to be completely selfish of your financial freedom, so it is best to give back to people that deserve a little break due to their ambition to succeed.

Remember to only benefit them at that point and leave out the others that don’t deserve the help because all they will do is abuse the help rather than use it the way they should.

Sometimes you must remind people that this path you have created and succeeded with is in a working process to be a new way of doing things.

Why would we all want to keep only doing what has maintained people for so long but still have lived in suffering? Why would we continue relying on a system that barely gets us by instead of finding a solution to begin that dream of a stress less life that we all want to have?

It’s funny how when someone we know becomes successful, we tend to want to find something wrong with them and why his success has somehow brought more pain. Is this because we are jealous that we haven’t made it yet?

It’s up to us all to do better for ourselves even if it means to work even harder. Working a fulltime job and paying the bills only is sometimes not enough for some people.

Fear seems to remind me of what people may feel about you when you freak them out and obtain the goal that they always thought was just a dream in your head. What will they think when you turn yourself into what you said you always would?

Will they fear you at that point or will they come around and congratulate you for all the hard work and effort you put into doing what you said you would? You must decide how you will react to them at that point.

Will you have more stress from what you accomplish? More than likely you will gain a whole new level of stress that you never thought you would.

People will try hitting you up more and more because they could use an answer to a path that you had to find out on your own. Before you made it happens it’s weird how they didn’t give you the attention that you needed the most while you were on your path.

That is probably just the motion. The way things go in life. The fact that people only need you when it will benefit them but if they know that you can’t benefit them they are nowhere to be found.

All anyone wants to be in life is successful. How can you say that you don’t want that? There are those that have given up on it because they believe that the way it is will always be the same.

It’s your life and you can go through it the way that you would like. For those that want it bad enough, they will achieve it.

The song Messages From You is about thinking about someone that eats away at you becoming happy. You try and go out to forget about her. You meet someone new that can make you the happiest man for the rest of your life but then you get that text.

That woman that ruined your life before now says she wants to be apart of it again. You unfortunately still love her, but you don’t want to. You can’t help it to talk to her even though you have a new girl that would complete you.

If your past girl comes back to you wanting you to be in her life again after you have succeeded to a level she never thought was possible because she thought that you were wrong and you proved that she was the one wrong, it might be time for her to come own it in a way that she never did before.

You through your whole effort into success, she needs to through her whole self into the new relationship.

Once you prove you were right, there will be nothing but rewards and trophies to your success.

When you have said repeatedly to all these people that doubted you that you were going to do it, now you can show them how you really feel. They tried to bring you down the whole time.

You can have that attitude towards them that you always wanted to. The words of revenge. Now you can pull them down for being wrong about you.

Marvins Room is a song about if you go out to the club and party it up but knew you had someone that could have been your one and only forever.

You didn’t realize who she was to you until you pushed her away from you. You found out that all that partying and those girls that hung out with you didn’t emotionally give a shit about you the way she did.

She has moved on but yet you still think about her situation when you get home and you are all alone. You try to continue to give her advice because you care so much about her now more than ever.

All of these songs by Drake, including the ones below can really open your eyes to what might be happening or has happened to you before.