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Akon Locked Up

I'm So Paid

Akon Locked Up is about being in prison because you went down the wrong path in life. You thought you were above the law having the time of your life.

You were doing everything all wrong. You got caught doing something so bad that they through you in prison for it.

Now that you are locked up, you think more about what you have done. It's like being in time out when you were a little kid.

When you were a kid, your parents would eventually take you out of time out. Now that you are an adult, you realize that the time is so much longer.

You wonder why you didn't listen to your parents more. You can't understand what made you do what you did.

It comes clear to you that what you did do was wrong. You start feeling lonely because everyone that loves you can't come and see you.

A big reality check comes to you saying that I can't do this ever again. Hopefully, your crime wasn't as serious so that time will pass and you will be out. It might have been so harsh that you will spend the rest of your life behind bars.

First thing is first. Don't do the crime so you won't have to pay the time. If you get a second chance, use it wisely.

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