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Akon Right Now (Na Na Na)

We Don't Care

Akon Right Now (Na Na Na) is about when you mess up with your woman. You want to make it up to her. You want her to know how important it is for you and her to still be together.

The thought of you and her breaking up would be a life-changing tragedy.

Will you and she be able to fix what happened and grow from there? That is something that you and her will have to decide. Is the connection still there? Can you two forgive each other for the wrong that occurred?

If you and she have been together for a long time, it is healthy to communicate to one another. Let each other know what you feel.

Do not hold anything back. Do what you must to move forward and become something that you haven't turned into yet in your relationship.

Go above and beyond to accomplish a successful connection that can't be broken again. Figure out what it takes to trust each other even more than before. Right now, that trust is being tested. It might take a long time to get it back.

If you show your effort in changing your ways and doing right, the trust can come back ten-fold. Open up to the man that you really are and stop hiding.

It may be the only way to improve what has dropped so low to the ground. Once you do that, the relationship should get strong again.

It is possible that you messed up way too many times with her though. She might be completely fed up. If this is the case, moving on is your best option.

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