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Akon Smack That

Locked Up

Akon Smack That is about walking into a club and finding the only girl that stands out to you in there.

I'm not talking about the halfway decent ones. I'm saying the one that catches your eye. The one that you think will be the most challenging.

Why waste your time on a girl that looks OK to you? Then you try to spit your game at her and she knocks it down after enjoying it for a while. Stay away from those ones. They are a waste of your time.

You don't want to go below average. Keep it a challenge. Once you spot the best one that is alone, know what your approach is going to be before you get there. Don't come on too strong.

Let her know that you are there to meet her and no one else. Once you see that she is getting comfortable with you, it's time to dance.

Enjoy her company the whole night at the club. Be proud of yourself for challenging yourself.

Thank yourself for not going after the halfway decent girls that are intending to knock a guys confidence down to their level. Watch the number one chick you picked up smack that all on the floor.

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