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Eminem Mockingbird

Eminem Mockingbird

Not Afraid

Eminem Mockingbird is a story about how Eminem struggled through his family life of trying to do everything to support his children.

When it came to paying bills and keeping food on the table, that is all he could afford. When you are limited to only doing this, Christmas is a depressing time for you.

You want to get presents for your kids but if you only have enough money to barely support your family, this is difficult.

After he decided to try and accomplish more for his family and become a rapper, things got worse. His ex Kim, mother of his children, didn't believe in him.

All he could do is keep trying to provide a better life than he had. It's unfortunate when a mom and dad can't work things out but in the end, it is always about the kids.

Since he became successful, now he can provide them with everything. He no longer has to be depressed around Christmas time.

As long as they understand the full story of why things got bad and what he did to change it, everything will be alright. Time passed by without him spending a lot of it with his children.

Now that he is who he set out to be, he has all the time in the world to be with them now. The struggle is over.

"Hailie I know you miss your mom and I know you miss your dad." Well, I'm gone but I'm trying to give you the life that I never had."

These quotes are strong because it represents the love that you have for your children and they have for you. This is the kind of love that you don't want to lose.

You can be focused on a better life for your kids but balance out the time you have with them to make it even.

What I mean is work hard at the goals that you know will create the better life. Take time during the evening talking with your child before they go to bed saying that you love them and want them to have a good day. Play tag with them on the weekends.

Push them on a swing letting them feel important. While they are at school, focus hard on your future achievements.

Don't let it go overboard to the point that you are focusing more on your goals instead of them. All they want is your love.

In the end, it was the little things that counted, not the big things. That doesn't mean that you can't multitask what you need to do. Pursue what you must but don't take it overboard.

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