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Eminem Not Afraid

Eminem Not Afraid


"When I say I'm a do somethin' I do it"
This means that whatever you set your mind to, you will accomplish it. All your efforts and energy towards one focus will happen.

No matter how long or what it takes to get there, you will do it. There is no room for giving up or failure.

The option is to succeed without worry that you won't. Your word to yourself means everything.

Eminem Not Afraid is about facing your fears and going for what you have always dreamed of. Turning your dream into a goal is the bottom line.

Not letting anyone tell you no is what it's about. If they disagree with you, prove them wrong.

After you do, don't give them any attention. They don't deserve your energy. If you try to please them and they don't believe in you, push yourself to do it on your own. Face what you are destined to become. Don't ever doubt your ambition.

Test it and fail many times if you have to. It will be a learning experience. Being upset with yourself means that you are afraid. Do what you must in order for your dream to work.

After it does and you lose every friend you have ever known, hang out with those people that are like you.

If you get brainwashed by those that don't want to become successful, you will only fall into their trap. Always be yourself first, then so who is with you after that.

If those who always known you don't support that, they should have never been your friend in the first place.

Don't ever let yourself down to satisfy others comfortable mindsets of what they think is right. Go in alone if you have to.

I find Eminem Not Afraid to make perfect sense. "When I say that I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it." "I'm going to be what I set out to be." What do these two quotes tell you?

What they say in my mind is that when I started pursuing my goals, I finish them. It might have sounded crazy to those that wanted to be negative towards me for telling them about it.

Bottom line, I have a point to prove. When the time comes, those who doubted me will not benefit.

I have always been a person who does what it takes no matter what the cost. If the effort was not shown by others that knew me, they were too stupid to understand why I was set out to do things. It was never for them, it was for my kids. It could have been for them.

That is no longer the issue. When my goals are achieved, there will be no room for me supporting the negative people.

They weren't there for me so I won't be there for them. They can find their own path. The problem is for them, their path isn't the right one.

To this day, I see those people still unhappy about their lives. I will show them what I am made of because I will never be afraid.

You only live once so what are you going to do to inspire the next generation. Will it be a message?

Could it be that you are trying to be a role model that will help others see that they should too? It could also be both.

Just know that if you decide to go down a path, remember to make sure that path helps others that deserve it.

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