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Eminem When I'm Gone

Eminem When I'm Gone

Without Me

"Daddy look what I made," "Dad's gotta go catch a plane"

If you stop to think what this means, it will be heartbreaking. As a parent, you try to do everything you can to support your child.

You must also keep in mind that love is needed for that child too. You don't want your children to go hungry.

You are so into going all the way with your goals but forget to love what matters the most.

You must have a balance as a dad. You can't be completely focused on one thing when you have two priorities in life. Support and love. They both have to be a priority.

Eminem When I'm Gone is about letting your child know that what you were trying to do is give them everything.

You were so in a goal to be the best. Your ambition to succeed is what you cared about because you wanted to create a better life for your family.

You notice during your journey to success, your family started to fade away.

Was it worth it? Was it ok to leave your family and go out to be what you were set out to be? That is a touchy question that may not be able to get an answer to.

It's possible that everything happened for a reason. You're setting out to become what your fate desires on you.

Why is this the way it is with a lot of situations that relate to this one? Why is it that you have to put your love in jeopardy? Why can't things be perfect? The success and love never connect it seems like.

I can't understand that at all. You try to make a better man out of yourself by going and grabbing the support you need for your family.

Your spouse doesn't agree with the time away from you, then leaves. Didn't she see what you were trying to do in the first place?

Guess not. Hopefully, there is still a chance with your kids though. It's about them now.

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