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Nicki Minaj Only

Nicki Minaj Only

"Only" is about being the one and only girl out there that is down for whatever. Girls that are fake and picky about everything they come into contact with is not what a real man wants.

This song is about men too. A real man would accomplish success instead of living off a successful woman. Put those who are self-made together and you create reality.

You show the world how it is important to create your own success. The thought of living off of someone else should not be on other people's minds.

Bring yourself to the table and see what you have to offer. How high up the later can you get? Figure that out for yourself. You live only once.

Don't be discouraged with yourself thinking that you can't make it to the top like those who are already there. Look at these artists in this video.

They came from nowhere and brought their ambition to the table. Rags to riches happened for them because of their efforts. Nothing is ever handed to you.

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