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What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Have you ever been through so much in your life to the point where you can't understand why no one cares about you as much as you thought they did?

You thought that you were doing your best but yet others just thought the worse of you.

If this is the case than you are only making yourself stronger realizing that a lot is up to you without the support you thought you would receive.

You were holding on as much as you possibly could in order to show your respect for others yet they took it for granted no matter what you did.

Any positive thing that you would present to them, they through it in your face like it was nothing.

You wonder why they continue to do this to you over and over again when you do nothing but provide them your heart and soul.

If you are going through all of this it just means that they don't deserve what you have to give.

They don't deserve any of your attention until they are ready for it.

There is no reason why you should hang in there and keep getting brought down every-time.

Just keep doing what you are doing and you will make it regardless of what others think about you.

You tried your best explaining yourself and you got no where with it.

It is time for you to get what you always wanted with or without their support.

You have to keep pursuing your dream no matter how hard it gets because in the end you deserve what is coming.

They are to receive no credit for how far you have came.

You are not to give them any inch anymore. They got what is coming to them just like you have the same.

It is not your fault that they don't have any patience.

It is not your fault either that they don't see the bigger picture.

They have to learn just like you had to through all the sacrifices that you had to make to succeed.

If they aren't there yet after you tried to show them a positive way of getting there, it is on them.

They must pay the consequences for their own actions, not you.

You know where you are headed and it is not under their footsteps, you are going the route God has set out for you.

You will get there never think that you won't without them backing you up. 

Who needs friends when you have the strength within you to go where you are headed because God gave you that little bit of power and push to go.

Don't ever set yourself short from what you know you have to do.

It is within your reach, don't let it leave you ever.

You wouldn't be fair to yourself if you let it pass by.

Get there with all your might and don't look back.