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Adele Song Emotions

Adele Song Emotions

Adele Song Emotions

The emotions behind the lyrics within Adele song lyrics relate to those stories that are out there involving a people's relationships that have already started on a negative path towards failure or have failed. 

A point to a few of these Adele songs is that there are others out there for you even though you may have thought you met the only one for you.

It seems impossible to just give up on the one and only person that you felt you were going to be with for the rest of your life but realize that there are others that need your love because they too are damaged and would appreciate what you have to give.

It would be amazing if you can provide that pure and intense love to that person that would deserve it for the future instead of those who haven't reached that level and still don't understand what that means.

Adele songs also represent saying sorry that it wasn't meant to be but there is still care there. Just because your "one and only forever" has left you doesn't mean that their feelings did as well.

They still have a part of their life connected with you. They more than likely spent quite some time which means the love does naturally stay with them, unfortunately the mutuality has failed. It doesn't mean you completely did.

You two just reached the furthest it was going to go with one another. The care will always be there so don't feel like everything comes to an end because it doesn't. Only certain feelings have to turn a different way due to the deepness involved within.  

The fact that one person was all in it and felt like the other person wasn't. That is a natural feeling that the peak has been reached. Maybe for now or for good, it has to be put on hold.

Adele songs also represent the fact that love took forever to get this pure, it is unfortunately over because it wasn't mutual through the time period. It means that the feelings were too straining and shouldn't be continued on to hurt one another.