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Akon Song Emotions

Akon Song Emotions

Akon Song Emotions

Akon songs can mean so much. Do you ever wonder why Akon's music is so emotionally inspiring? 

Have you ever wondered if Akon songs may relate to you from your own perspective? Well, that might always seem impossible unless you do it.

To answer these questions it is on you. Whether or not you open up to that realization.

Lyrics within Akon songs will allow your emotions to make sense if you have had this love before or currently.

You expect them to hold your heart gently and carefully. You do not want them to abuse it. 

Akon song "Dangerous" will have you aware that you need to be careful of who you give your heart to

If there are issues throughout the relationship be sure to seek them out and take them seriously. They are dangerous if you don't.

Akon song Right Now (Na Na Na) will represent how much pain we can go through after realizing we messed up horribly with that special someone. 

Songs by Akon will allow you to realize how much love you have had in the past or now have for that special someone.