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Akon Lonely is a song that I find to be about how us men mess up in life with the woman of our dreams that we love so much.

She was the best thing that ever happened to me and I didn't realize that until I lost here. I was so lonely at that point in my life.

She was the one that said yes when I married her. She was the one that had my kids as well. We built a family and I ruined it.  This Akon song has got me to the point in my life that I am always going to be lonely no matter what in life because I lost the best part of a family I could ever had.

I still have my kids and friends but the togetherness that I had with her will never be the same. Problems began when I thought it was the right thing to do by being away and being financially supportive in an area I grew up in because I didn't see any opportunity in the area where her family was at.

I still however gained a lot of strength over the years realizing that I don't have to make the income that I always have made in order to keep bills paid, I only have to be around where my kids are at so they know I am here.

I still feel lonely in the place I am in now but will never go back to where I am from knowing that I can miss out on any more of their lives.

Akon songs have been apart of my life in a way that I can always remember the emotions that I had at that point in my life.

I don't have to let them leave my heart at all. I just have to love what I have noted of letting myself believe that I could have more. Naturally more will come from that when I don't want it. that is how happiness is built.

In reality I don't have to feel lonely at all knowing that my family I once had in my life accepts who I am to this day. No matter what I did in the past to loose them in the first place, it no longer matters anymore. What matters is what I do from this point forward.

So far I don't have that lonely feeling like I said but it still feels like I am missing something. I tend to use that negative energy knowing that I did something wrong to loose everything and turn it into what ever positive action I can possible.

That tends to be helping out a lot. 
The Akon song Locked Up reminds me of all those people that are in jail or prison for a crime they committed and are now thinking about how much they really screwed up in life. Now they have the time to think.

Lucky for them they still have a chance to still fix things. That thinking time that they are allowed to now do because they can't do anything else will benefit some of them a lot.

They realize how easy they really had it. They were around their family and friends. they had jobs maybe working or possibly not a job at all.

Those that didn't have a job at all might be thinking that maybe if they were more supportive they wouldn't have got into this trouble in the first place. their family could have been hassling them to do right however they chose to run the streets instead.

Now that they are in time out, an Akon song such as this one could have came about their playlist. Now they are even thinking about the lyrics even more. Now that they are apart of this song in real life, they start thinking what they are going to do when they get out.

I never been locked up that long but I definitely understand the separation thing. I felt locked up when I went to Iraq for deployment back in 2005. That wasn't a fun time. At least I felt like I was still being supportive. My emotions however were still there missing every part of my life I had with my family.

It's hard for me to even listen to this Akon song because I really did feel like I was locked up when I had to leave the very country that I grew up in order to help another country out.   
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