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Akon Lonely is a song that I find to be about how us men mess up in life with the woman of our dreams that we love so much.

She was the best thing that ever happened to me and I didn't realize that until I lost here. I was so lonely at that point in my life.

She was the one that said yes when I married her. She was the one that had my kids as well. We built a family and I ruined it.  This Akon song has got me to the point in my life that I am always going to be lonely no matter what in life because I lost the best part of a family I could ever had.

I still have my kids and friends but the togetherness that I had with her will never be the same. Problems began when I thought it was the right thing to do by being away and being financially supportive in an area I grew up in because I didn't see any opportunity in the area where her family was at.

I still however gained a lot of strength over the years realizing that I don't have to make the income that I always have made in order to keep bills paid, I only have to be around where my kids are at so they know I am here.

I still feel lonely in the place I am in now but will never go back to where I am from knowing that I can miss out on any more of their lives.

Akon songs have been apart of my life in a way that I can always remember the emotions that I had at that point in my life.

I don't have to let them leave my heart at all. I just have to love what I have noted of letting myself believe that I could have more. Naturally more will come from that when I don't want it. that is how happiness is built.

In reality I don't have to feel lonely at all knowing that my family I once had in my life accepts who I am to this day. No matter what I did in the past to loose them in the first place, it no longer matters anymore. What matters is what I do from this point forward.

So far I don't have that lonely feeling like I said but it still feels like I am missing something. I tend to use that negative energy knowing that I did something wrong to loose everything and turn it into what ever positive action I can possible.

That tends to be helping out a lot. 
The Akon song Locked Up reminds me of all those people that are in jail or prison for a crime they committed and are now thinking about how much they really screwed up in life. Now they have the time to think.

Lucky for them they still have a chance to still fix things. That thinking time that they are allowed to now do because they can't do anything else will benefit some of them a lot.

They realize how easy they really had it. They were around their family and friends. they had jobs maybe working or possibly not a job at all.

Those that didn't have a job at all might be thinking that maybe if they were more supportive they wouldn't have got into this trouble in the first place. their family could have been hassling them to do right however they chose to run the streets instead.

Now that they are in time out, an Akon song such as this one could have came about their playlist. Now they are even thinking about the lyrics even more. Now that they are apart of this song in real life, they start thinking what they are going to do when they get out.

I never been locked up that long but I definitely understand the separation thing. I felt locked up when I went to Iraq for deployment back in 2005. That wasn't a fun time. At least I felt like I was still being supportive. My emotions however were still there missing every part of my life I had with my family.

It's hard for me to even listen to this Akon song because I really did feel like I was locked up when I had to leave the very country that I grew up in order to help another country out.   
When it comes to the Akon song, Sorry, Blame It On Me, you have to think about most of those dads that messed up in the past when they were married and had a family to take care of. 

Put yourself in their shoes. Unfortunately what you decided to do is go out and party and get drunk like you always did when you were younger before you had your family, the things that you should have stopped doing when you got married and had people that love you instead of those that didn't that were at the bar and we're only there for their own personal self fun. 

The words that they spoke to you were all intoxicated words literally. However, the words that your family gave to you when you're at home were true to life love. 

This Akon song makes you realize that what happened was you wanted to go out and discover other things instead of nurture something natural that you already had going. 

Bottom line is you have to blame it on yourself first before you can try and fix the present and future relationship that you damaged so heavily.

For those who don't want to face the music, Akon takes that blame for those individuals with this song.
This Akon song "I'm So Paid" brings such an excitement to anyone who has had success in their life. The fact that all of your hard work has finally paid off and you are living the way you always wanted to is a stress-free relaxation type of environment that you have created through hard work.

You earned every penny and every second controlled all by you. You are able to bring your family and friends into your environment and allow them to enjoy the freedom as well.

There is no schedule when it comes to this feeling. You do as you please now. Your hard work has brought you to this feeling and freedom you always wanted to enjoy. 

It is nice to get to this feeling when you are still young enough to have the energy to enjoy it. If you wait till you retire, the feeling is still there but it might be too exhausting to do a lot more than you may have wanted to enjoy when you were younger.

The trick is to get to a retirement stage as early as possible and like the Akon song says, feel so paid to the point where you know you no longer have to seek out for more income because you have enough to survive as long as you need to.

There is no boss or weekly schedule when you get to this point. You wake up and think about creative ways on how you are going to make your day turn out fun for yourself and that is what everyone needs to be on as soon as they possibly can because we do not live twice.
When it comes to the Akon song Right Now (Na Na Na), a lot goes through my head. I think about all the times that I did wrong to the one I was married. I had it all and this song by Akon brings me back to those times. 

She wanted to let me go because she was going through a lot of emotions thinking that her husband was not loving her anymore. I put her through that because my focus was no longer on her. 

I focused on other things such as thinking there were more women out there that would replace what I didn't feel for her. She knew that but I didn't communicate that to her. Instead I led her on thinking that everything was ok. 

This Akon song brings me back to the day when I thought that I was doing too much. I was supporting a family and thought that was enough. I went over board though. I decided it was time to go do what I wanted to do which is be selfish thinking I would always keep my family at the same time. 

I ruined the best thing I had. Now I catch myself singing this Akon song once in a while. In reality though, I can no longer make up with her. Those times are over. It is nice to remember what this song means though. 

It means that if you mess up just a little, you have better fix it immediately otherwise you will catch yourself realizing that it will never be the same ever again.
When I hear the Akon song "Beautiful" I think about all the women that gave me a chance in life at their love they showed and yet I still wanted to be a "dude."

I went from being a player being with a lot of women probably seeing those in between that had good hearts but yet I blew them off. Then I met the best thing that ever had happened to me which was my baby mamma and she was the best of them all.

I ended up allowing her to use her heart and allow me kids with her. I thought that was the best thing that any women could ever give to me and yet I still wanted more. It is almost like the more any woman gave me the more I wanted.

I think it is a curse that I have and that is ok. It makes me learn over and over again. I want to make sure I take these signs and continue to grow from them because if I don't I believe I will give up. Back to what the Akon song "beautiful" means though. 

It means that when you see something nice and special, you better do what it takes to keep that in your life because it will only happen once and never again if you don't treat it the way you should. That is what Beautiful means. 
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