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Akon Lonely is the track that can remind us of what it's like to be alone when our girl leaves us for messing up. It was going to happen eventually. It wasn't real until we were abandoned and fully rejected. Now we get it.  
Akon Locked Up is a hit song that can be a lesson we are taught in case we feel like breaking the law and become imprisoned. Think about our actions before we screw up and let the law take away our freedom. 
Akon Sorry, Blame It On Me is a song that we can think about as an example all the wrong that parents do to their kids. I am talking about those who have the ability to be around their kids and choose not to. The fact that some parents can't place blame on their significant other that was suppose to be there as a parent and aren't because the no longer care.
Akon I'm So Paid is a track that will make us realize what it's like to feel like you have all the money in the world. Getting check after check and no longer having to worry about bills that aren't getting paid that will take away our comfort-ability routine of how we live day to day.  
Akon Right Now Na Na Na is a hit that can remind us of what happens when we realize that we made our woman angry. It's that since of feeling that we want to make up with them immediately because it hurts so bad that we hurt them.
Akon Beautiful is a song that you think of those times you were in the club and found one of the most attractive and pretty girls around. You can't stop thinking about her even into the next day. Should have had the confidence to get her number.
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