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I'm So Paid

Right Now (Na Na Na)


Smack That

So Blue

We Don't Care

I Wanna Love You


Hurt Somebody

I Can't Wait

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A Story Behind The Music

To explain some of Akon's songs that we have grown to love so much, here is a short emotional description to some. You can also check out the emotional side to Nicki Minaj's songs from here as well.

Akon Sorry, Blame It On Me is about someone apologizing for others people's responsibilities that they are neglecting.

It's unfortunate when there are a lot of people out there that aren't taking care of what they should be. For example, there are dads that aren't teaching their kids right from wrong.

They think that it's someone else's fault when their children do wrong. It starts with them though. Too bad they don't agree sometimes. It takes a talented artist like Akon to apologize for those people that can't.

He wishes they would. He wants to be the bigger man and say sorry. Maybe if he admits to his mistakes, others will do the same.

He apologizes for those who don't care and do what they want. He says sorry to those who care about themselves. The selfish people that are out there are the problem.

He is selfless and cares for everyone else first. People tend to take advantage of people that are selfless. That's sad but it happens all the time. Some people that are selfish just won't ever get it. It is the way they will live life. In the end, they will be alone.

Akon Right Now (Na Na Na) is about when you mess up with your woman. You want to make it up to her. You want her to know how important it is for you and her to still be together.

The thought of you and her breaking up would be a life-changing tragedy. Will you and she be able to fix what happened and grow from there? That is something that you and her will have to decide.

Is the connection still there? Can you two forgive each other for the wrong that occurred? If you and she have been together for a long time, it is healthy to communicate with one another.

Let each other know what you feel. Do not hold anything back. Do what you must to move forward and become something that you haven't turned into yet in your relationship.

Go above and beyond to accomplish a successful connection that can't be broken again. Figure out what it takes to trust each other even more than before. Right now, that trust is being tested.

It might take a long time to get it back. If you show your effort in changing your ways and doing right, the trust can come back ten-fold.

Open up to the man that you really are and stop hiding. It may be the only way to improve what has dropped so low to the ground. Once you do that, the relationship should get strong again.

It is possible that you messed up way too many times with her though. She might be completely fed up. If this is the case, moving on is your best option.

Akon Lonely is about noticing what happened to the only one that cared about you so much. It's understanding that life wasn't so beautiful without her. You did her wrong and figured she would always be there for you.

Unfortunately, this is never true for anyone. Not everyone will put up with someone emotionally abusing them forever. You may have thought you can have your fun time and home time.

Bottom line is that you need to choose one. Your girl will stick by your side as long as you stick by hers. As soon as you give her signs that you are giving up, so will she.

She will go through many painful days and all of the sudden drop you like a bad habit. She will go cold turkey and never give you another chance again. She sees your true self and does not see a future with you.

She feels like she is wasting her time seeing you do wrong to her over and over again. She was lonely the whole time while you were having the time of your life not caring about her emotions.

Now you have to deal with it and feel what she was feeling. Next time you will keep someone who loves you. You're now learning the hard way of being lonely.

Akon Smack That is about walking into a club and finding the only girl that stands out to you in there. I'm not talking about the halfway decent ones. I'm saying the one that catches your eye.

The one that you think will be the most challenging. Why waste your time on a girl that looks OK to you? Then you try to spit your game at her and she knocks it down after enjoying it for a while.

Stay away from those ones. They are a waste of your time. You don't want to go below average. Keep it a challenge. Once you spot the best one that is alone, know what your approach is going to be before you get there.

Don't come on too strong. Let her know that you are there to meet her and no one else. Once you see that she is getting comfortable with you, it's time to dance. Enjoy her company the whole night at the club.

Be proud of yourself for challenging yourself. Thank yourself for not going after the halfway decent girls that are intending to knock a guys confidence down to their level. Watch the number one chick you picked up smack that all on the floor.

Akon I'm So Paid is realizing the success that you have accomplished. You have made it. The possibilities now are endless.

You no longer have to listen to an employer and what they have to say. You make an income that you control. Your life can be better finally.

You put your ambition and skills to test. The results ended up being a self-made empire that you created. You wanted it so bad and now it's there.

Now you can concentrate on the beautiful things in life. Bills are no longer your problem. You make time for those who love you the most.

Your stress is over dealing with financial drama. You can now live the rest of your life the way it should be lived. This is what happens when you get paid.

Akon Locked Up is about being in prison because you went down the wrong path in life. You thought you were above the law having the time of your life.

You were doing everything all wrong. You got caught doing something so bad that they through you in prison for it.

Now that you are locked up, you think more about what you have done. It's like being in time out when you were a little kid. When you were a kid, your parents would eventually take you out of time out.

Now that you are an adult, you realize that the time is so much longer. You wonder why you didn't listen to your parents more. You can't understand what made you do what you did.

It comes clear to you that what you did do was wrong. You start feeling lonely because everyone that loves you can't come and see you. A big reality check comes to you saying that I can't do this ever again.

Hopefully, your crime wasn't as serious so that time will pass and you will be out. It might have been so harsh that you will spend the rest of your life behind bars.

First thing is first. Don't do the crime so you won't have to pay the time. If you get a second chance, use it wisely.

Akon Beautiful is about seeing who a woman really is. She handles her own and is very cute. She knows how to handle situations with guys trying to take advantage of her.

She is not easy to get with because she first has to understand who you are. She can't be hurt. In order for you to get her to open up, you must gain her complete trust.

She has to know that you are the one that she can take a chance with. If you give her any sign that you aren't the type of guy she is looking for, your chances are blown.

She needs to see the real you and not someone that wants to hit it and quit it. This is what makes her so beautiful. You know that you can also trust yourself with her.

If she is with you, she will be faithful because you are the one she chose. You can see this in her because of the way she handles herself around others.

You know that if you do decide to get with her, you can be yourself and not try so hard. You can see that she will detect what your personality is really about

That will turn her eyes and thoughts towards being with you.

Akon So Blue is about a man noticing the true beauty in a woman. He sees that she shouldn't be feeling so down about herself because he can tell she is gorgeous. She deserves a good man that compliments her.

She deserves someone that will love her the way she should be loved. She just needs a man to care for her like that.

Her current boyfriend doesn't seem like he cares about her the way he should be. He doesn't see her as a girlfriend. He uses her. This is unfair because she does everything for him.

She treats him the way he wants to be treated. Why can't he do the same? He can't because he didn't grow up knowing how to treat a woman. This isn't her fault though. It's time for her to move on and be with someone who will return the favor.

Akon I Wanna Love You explains what a man feels about a girl when she catches his attention. Sometimes words don't have to be spoken for a woman and man to know what they want from each other.

Once the eye contact is made, it is pretty clear what needs to happen between you and her. Communication is good for these situations but not too much. You don't want to ruin the eye contact connection that you and she have right now.

It could ruin the mood. Just go with the flow of what you are feeling and destiny will happen. If she's into you and you are into her, keep doing what you are doing.

There will be more communication after you two discover what you want to do to each other. "But sometimes you gotta take a loss And have people rub it in your face before you get made pissed off"

Sometimes you have to use the negative energy that people give you in order to do what you must.

They try to keep you down in the gutter so you won't figure out what it takes to be independent. What I mean is not dependent on a small check from an employer just to get by.

Doing this will make you suffer forever. You know what you have to do. Stop listening to others and listen to yourself for once.