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A Story Behind The Music

Beyonce Drunk In Love is about understanding what you have in your life. It's about knowing how priceless is to have a spouse and a baby.

You now have a family. You wonder how it happened because it is so beautiful.

You can't figure out why you got lucky like this. The love has hit you like a brick of stones knowing that reality has kicked in.

You have the greatest gift of all, such as a Drake talent, and you are unsure how you deserve it. Now that it's there, you want to do everything in your power not to screw it up.

Congrats to those with a family out there because it is the best thing that can ever happen to someone.

There are many people that don't get a chance like this. Some people end families for unfortunate reasons.

In the end though, if you keep your most prized possession, life will feel good to have been lived.

Beyonce Partition is about showing a woman how much you can take her over. She wants to be the one you think about at work.

She wants to make sure you are anxious to get home to her. You feel like you can't stand being away from her because she is the answer for your reason to live.

This might sound crazy but it's what makes a love relationship work. She needs to have complete trust in the guy she is with.

The fact of it failing is not an option in her eyes. It would just be a waste of her time to have these feelings for you if you didn't feel the same about her.

Give it your all if you have a woman that gives you her all. Is it serious about her or not? Show her that she can completely put her faith in you.

Make her realize that her comfort around you is worth it. Don't let her down and she won't let you down either.

Beyonce Diva is about a woman having the same hustle as a man does. She will get what she wants before she gives a man what he wants.

If she needs cash from him, that will come first before she shows a guy any interest. She may need some new clothes and shoes.

If the dude is trying to hit on her, those items will be bought and purchased on his credit card before she tells him,

"Ok, we can go to the movies." A diva knows better than to let a man run all over her without paying his dues.

She isn't a girl of the streets. She is only being smart and wondering how much she is cared about by a man.

If he starts ignoring her then he's only being cheap. She thinks that she isn't worth it enough to him so she stops caring.

He could have had a future with her but he backed down. That's what she was trying to figure out the whole time.

She wondered if he had a breaking point and now she can see it. She has won the battle for what she believes in.

Beyonce Irreplaceable is about realizing that you aren't perfect. Don't ever think you are all a woman can get.

She was only dedicated to you because you made her feel like she was the one. If you show signs that she isn't, the relationship will go away slowly but surely.

You won't be the one she thinks about anymore. The thoughts you had of yourself will change dramatically.

Your confidence will be on the lowest level of your life if you aren't careful. Do you love her or not?

This is what you always need to ask yourself. If you show her signs that you don't, she will stop loving you and rip your heart out.

If that happens, you will be on your own. She won't care what you feel anymore.

There will no longer be a care for you in her knowing that you didn't give her your all.

Beyonce Heaven is about understanding why your loved one has left everyone behind. You have to know that they are in God's hands now.

It's a place where there are no worries. If they are there now, it was their time to go.

It may have been that they had a great life here on Earth but God didn't have a reason for taking them, he just did.

All you can do is appreciate the time that was spent with them while they were here. Remember what you did with them. Don't think about the times that you didn't have.

You gave them what you could so be happy about that. It is what they would have wanted you to feel.

Beyonce Ego is about saying and doing what you are about. Saying that you will do something and end up not doing it's dumb.

It proves that you are a dreamer and not talented. Anyone can say what they want to do.

If you don't follow through with it, you look like a joke. Not a lot of people care about a dream. They want a reality. They have to see it to believe it.

For example, If I say I am going to go to school to be a doctor, I should do it correctly. I shouldn't just keep telling family and friends that I am going to become a doctor and never follow through.

What would that make me look like? I would think it would show the looser inside of me. Who wants to appear that way to others?

I believe the best thing in the world is what you want to be. Explain to others later what you have done. People will appreciate and follow you with more respect.

The few words you tell them from time to time will be completely believable because you have proved so much of who you are. Why wouldn't they believe you now!

Beyonce Run The World is about knowing why we all exist. It's because of females. Sometimes men get powerful mindsets but in reality, a woman is what makes us survive. They gave birth to us.

A woman is the ones that nursed us from a young age. There are some men that take care of their kids at early ages but a majority is done by a woman.

When a boy grows up, what does he search for? A girl because he wants this process to continue.

Having a female in a man's life makes everything so much more special. As men, we find many hobbies to keep ourselves busy.

In the end, we still need that special someone to share ourselves with. Beyonce sings this song because she is relating girls to continuing the population.

Men need to give every woman the respect that they deserve. Our survival depends on a female.

Beyonce Halo is about her seeing your true self. You might make small mistakes with not remembering certain things she tells you but she sees your effort.

She is willing to take a risk with you. Her trust is connected and now a love relationship can grow.

It is comfortable with her feelings to take that risk with you because it is a high chance that it won't fail.

You do what you're supposed to in her eyes. She appreciates the door openings and the dinner makings. She can see that as a sign of respect for her.

She can give herself to you because she can't see a chance of someone like you that is so sweet to her ever hurting her.

Beyonce Single Ladies is about a man not realizing what it takes to keep a woman believing that you and she have a future together.

She lets you know that what you and she had did not mean everything in her eyes. She felt like it wasn't worth her time to continue a situation that wasn't going to end up being real.

It isn't her fault that it didn't work because you failed to show her what she really meant to you.

It's all about understanding how to make a girl feel important enough to you so that she knows she's worth something.

If a woman is doing all the work and you aren't returning the favors, the relationship will end quicker than you know it.

Some men have this idea that they are perfect. They think that a woman is giving them their all just because they look good.

It is time for a wake-up call men. That supremacy mindset you have will last only short term.

Sure, you can move on to the next one if you feel like doing that forever but you won't ever have a long-term relationship repeating this pattern.

If that's what you want, so be it. In the end, you will be alone and no woman will care about you.