Drake Songs [Deep Descriptions]

Drake Songs Described From An Emotional Perspective

Drake song "Survival"

Have you ever felt like you had to survive no matter what it takes no matter how hard people were on you or how much support that you didn't receive?

You got to the point where you had to support yourself in order to survive.

No matter what you did your survival depended on you believing in what you know you can accomplish.

The fact of the matter is you will get there on that kind of mindset. You get to the accomplishments you need to get to and you won't ever forget about those who didn't support you.

That's called survival.

You loved so much and cared for others and all they did is let you down after you opened up that certain way with them.

You got to the point where you needed to survive because you realize that support that you gave them you did not receive back.

It hurts to think about it because it's very unsettling just like the survival lyrics say

If you open up too much to it you might catch yourself back into that mindset

Surviving is not getting back to where you were at that point in your life before, it's pushing forward and not thinking about it ever again, only understanding where you came from

There's so much more to say about it because you've been through so much but the fact that you were able to survive it put that strengthen confidence in your head and that you were able to push forward and go to where you need to be at in the future.

The happiness and comfort that you thought you had with many people have come to the thought that you actually do not have any of that and that's a very hard thing to take in

Now it's at the point where you need to survive it and only accept those who truly accept you back.

Drake song "Do Not Disturb"

Have you ever thought to yourself that you do not want to be disturbed because everything that you do it seems like it's the wrong thing because others are upset and mad with you?

 I started thinking that it is a lot better to try to satisfy those that I haven't met quite yet in my life versus the ones that I've already upset and made mad

so I'd rather stop talking to them and put my status on "do not disturb" so that way I can no longer listen to their advice that never worked.

It sucks because self-destructing is the only thing to do when all those around you that you tried to please ended up making them angry and upset with yourself.

So the only way to not self-destruct is to keep going with what you believe will fix everything and make things right in life, which is making time to explain yourself.

The fact that you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and wanted to reach it, however, didn't make sense to the ones that currently loved you and ended up pushing them out of your life is something so crazy to even think about or imagine. How do you deal with this kind of dramatic emotional change?

Completely focus on the only one thing you have always focused on that won't let you down and you can easily master.

Drake song "Legend"

Have you ever wondered what it would take in order to become a legend?

There's a lot of things in life that you have to take for granted of what you've been taught possibly throughout your whole childhood and into your adulthood

It might seem confusing but it must have to happen that way in order to get to that "Legend" point of view?

You have to understand that we only live once and to reach that peak of becoming a legend it takes a lot of hard work and patience on a daily basis

Once you train your mind to become a legend everything else will come easy and that includes anything that is going on your current situation or any issues that you may have with life itself f

Focus on what you need to do and not what others need you to do.

Push to accomplish something that will create something that you will be remembered by and stop heading in the direction of just being just another person that went threw life easy.

Create something that will make an impact on the next generation. Become a legend

Drake song "Lose You"

Have you ever got to the point in your life when you were so selfless with others and they took you for granted and didn't give you the credit for any of the credit you gave them?

Whether that would involve respect/trust/loyalty, whatever it may have been

We started realizing that you need to start caring about yourself more than others due to the lack of unresponsiveness they give you back. That goes for respect as well.

Once you get to the point in your life when you need to lose them because they're doing nothing but damaging your heart or your confidence for yourself, you will be satisfied.

You will go from 0 to 100 and slowing down to explain to them what you are doing will no longer be an option. At that point, you will lose them.

When you get there you will have time to turn around and ask "did I lose you."

Drake song "Headlines"

Have you ever in your life came up with some ideas that would take you out of your situation of getting held back? Do you want to become the "Headlines."

What are you going to do in your life? You have to get to the point where you can prove you have what it takes.

Become a part of those headlines. Push to be apart of the situation where you have everything that you said you would.

They say that they miss the old you and you have changed but you've changed for the better.

They didn't want you to do better, they don't want you to become apart of those headlines, they wanted you to be the same yet they gave you all that negativity making you believe you weren't ever good enough.

Little did they know they actually gave you that energy to become the "headlines." They were pushing you away from who you were in the first place

"Better do what you're supposed to do" is a very powerful lyric because they aren't going to give a crap about any idea to try to fix a situation, all they're going to do is try to keep you down and try to hurt you in any way possible by moving on themselves after they tear you down.

You just have to be strong and stop giving a shit so much about them and do what you are supposed to do otherwise you will feel like you have failed yourself.

Drake song "I'm Upset"

Why would you ever want to dedicate your life to someone that is going to just "take" energy rather than support your energy?

It's crazy how so many people get into these situations where they let someone they commit to run their lives and limit their full potential just because they think it's stupid. These are the ones that supposedly love you.

You try sharing these thoughts and they just negatively bring you down. It's wrong and it means they aren't worth it.

Then it's your fault the relationship went wrong because that one thing you wanted them to support they ignored it? ok...

Then you have the other situations in which some girl comes into your life when you are already rich and they are just in it for the money and not actually supporting your vision.

They just want to bounce out and take the easy selfish route of just basically stealing your money that you worked so hard for. In return, you are upset because you gave her a chance.

You screwed up by thinking you can trust someone else so easily thinking that love, at first sight, was actually a thing still.

This mindset is dangerous and can get you in trouble. Be careful with that.

That's why taking the money over sex makes them mad because they don't get the opportunity to screw you over.

Naturally, we want that special someone but how can you trust them?

At the same time, why would they just want to run up on you and get a bunch of money that they are just going to spend anyway?

Their life won't go anywhere. They are worth it.

The money is loyal if you earn it. Finding someone that isn't like this is special. It is rare and very complicated to find but worth the patience.

Until then, money over sex is always the correct way to go. It is the only way when it comes to leaving behind your kids what they deserve instead of trying to figure out if you are going to meet the right one or not.

That stuff wastes too much time. Time is money

Drake song "Is There More"

Is there more to life other than just explaining to yourself if I'm in control of my own destiny? 

Does that mean that you know what you are going to do with your life versus others that are still confused and want to negatively downgrade everything that you tell them? 

Just because you have an idea and they don't and it is easier for them to call you stupid doesn't mean you should give up. 

Is There More to life other than listening to what people have on their minds about them but have no time for you? Are they right or are you? Where do you find happiness? 

I think you find happiness when you figure out what you want to do with your own life. 

Stop catering to what others think is great for them and start catering to what you think is great for you. 

Did you figure it out because you know that you see the light at the end of the tunnel even though they don't? 

I mean everyone wants to get rich but to have things still on your mind unclosed is something to look forward to closing. 

When do we stop letting others decide what we want to do with our lives?

Is there more to life other than proving you have what it takes when many people you are connected with didn't think you would be able to do what you said you would? 

Once you accomplish what they thought was impossible to do, do you have the respect that you always would seek out to get?

You must often wonder how your accomplishments may or may not affect others or if they will only continue to use their words to put you down because you aren't perfect. 

They think what they are doing is more than you will ever do but in reality, they aren't perfect either. 

Those individuals are only doing what they think is right and the fact that you are doing it their way, you are a looser. 

Everyone wants to be happy but beggin' for their acceptance won't ever get their full respect for you. 

You just have to figure out what best works for you and go from there. You will end up having what they don't have and that's fine. 

It doesn't make you any different from a person. It just proves that you were able to figure out what made you happy without having to prove it to them. 

You proved you did your best by mastering your personal strength. 

You still will always wonder if there is more to life now that you have the time to care about the other things in life that you might not be too good at like healing your soul for maybe pushing your strength too far.

Being limited wasn't apart of your plans for success but being successful is also meaning that you are perfect in all categories such as loving and caring for those around you. 

That's why you still wonder is there more to life other than mastering your strengths to obtain the time freedom we all seek out to have so we can do as much as we can for those we care about before our life is over.  

Drake song "Take Care"

When you listen to Drake's hit song Take Care from 2011, any experience that you have had with love comes to mind.

This song will inspire you to realize that there is still hope out there if you have been hurt.

It is very often that we want to give up on love because it may have taken such an emotional drain from our energy to survive any longer.

The thought that we have failed at one point in life, why should we want to go out and try again?

Will this pain come back to us again or are we just trying to fill in the gap of the love loss we are hurting from?

We have to remember to try a relationship when we are healthy and ready again. When we are able to personally feel good about ourselves.

The point in life when we are able to love ourselves first then others.

The song Take Care by Drake, in my opinion, resembles love from a couple both being heartbroken and knowing what that pain is to each other.

The two will end up having a very trustworthy and passionate amount of respect for one another because they both realize how much pain that would cause to each other if the heart was broken again.

Drake song "Sacrifices"

Drake's song "Sacrifices" from 2017 will bring a reality check to your thoughts.

When you look back on the advice that others would try to tell you and even take control over you to get you to do what they would do, this Drake song comes to life in your intelligence.

You may have made Sacrifices as far as ignoring the power trip that others tried to have over you that you wouldn't let happen.

During that point in time, they started to become distant from you and you sacrificed that respect that others should have had back for you even though you gave it to them, they started to be disrespectful because you didn't allow them to have the say of where your life was going to turn into.

They didn't have the knowledge that you went out and sought for yourself so they wanted to hate on it rather than support it. Jealousy? Probably.

Drake song "How Bout Now"

The "How Bout Now" is one of my favorite Drake songs because it really justifies love versus being used.

I honestly think many out there are just getting used over actually being loved. The effort that you put into a relationship and you bearly got any love back.

Instead, you received a whole lot of complaining because the one you were in love with just wanted to use you for your money every time they threw a little hissy fit because they weren't getting what they want.

You loved her enough to work your butt off in order to get that money she desired the most.

If she didn't love you that much, she should have told you. Now that you figured out how to get that money while she left you during the time that you were broke, the joke is on her.

Now she will have to put in that same effort back to get what she wants out of you.

It's a Drake song about an eye for an eye only this time you won't open back up to her as much as you did before so that's up to her to figure out whether that effort she is putting in will get her what she wants.

You move on of course but you treat her a lesson which is don't use anyone else ever again.

Not all people out there are like this but you will always have the few bad apples that will pop up in your presence. Just be aware of them and you will be fine.

Drake song "God's Plan"

When you listen to Drake's song "God's Plan" you realize that life the way we know it is all controlled by the higher power that fuels us.

Our belief of the powerful and the good. I would imagine that Drake was just like most of us when he first started out.

We strive in life to give back to others. You see those that do so much and try so hard but yet sometimes the luck just isn't quite there.

God's Plan is a great example of what we have inside us. Even is we don't have the money to give back we should still find another way to help out.

If you see a problem, maybe it can be fixed by effort, care, or words of inspiration.

We can help an elderly person with groceries because all they are trying to do is bring them home to their grandkids so they can feed them.

If they can just at least get them there, do that god's plan act and help them put them in the car.

If you are a young adult full of energy still, help that handicapped person cross the road so they can remain safe.

You never know what happened to make them not be able to walk in the first place but it's just the right thing to do.

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