Drake Songs [Inspiring Opinionated Descriptions]

Drake Songs Described From An Emotional Perspective

Take Care - 2011

When you listen to Drake's hit song Take Care from 2011, any experience that you have had with love comes to mind.

This song will inspire you to realize that there is still hope out there if you have been hurt.

It is very often that we want to give up on love because it may have taken such an emotional drain from our energy to survive any longer.

The thought that we have failed at one point in life, why should we want to go out and try again?

Will this pain come back to us again or are we just trying to fill in the gap of the love loss we are hurting from?

We have to remember to try a relationship when we are healthy and ready again. When we are able to personally feel good about ourselves.

The point in life when we are able to love ourselves first then others.

The song Take Care by Drake, in my opinion, resembles love from a couple both being heartbroken and knowing what that pain is to each other.

The two will end up having a very trustworthy and passionate amount of respect for one another because they both realize how much pain that would cause to each other if the heart was broken again.

Sacrifices - 2017

Drake's song "Sacrifices" from 2017 will bring a reality check to your thoughts.

When you look back on the advice that others would try to tell you and even take control over you to get you to do what they would do, this Drake song comes to life in your intelligence.

You may have made Sacrifices as far as ignoring the power trip that others tried to have over you that you wouldn't let happen.

During that point in time, they started to become distant from you and you sacrificed that respect that others should have had back for you even though you gave it to them, they started to be disrespectful because you didn't allow them to have the say of where your life was going to turn into.

They didn't have the knowledge that you went out and sought for yourself so they wanted to hate on it rather than support it. Jealousy? Probably.

How Bout Now - 2014

The "How Bout Now" is one of my Drake songs because it really justifies love versus being used.

I honestly think many out there are just getting used over actually being loved. The effort that you put into a relationship and you bearly got any love back.

Instead, you received a whole lot of complaining because the one you were in love with just wanted to use you for your money every time they threw a little hissy fit because they weren't getting what they want.

You loved her enough to work your butt off in order to get that money she desired the most.

If she didn't love you that much, she should have told you. Now that you figured out how to get that money while she left you during the time that you were broke, the joke is on her.

Now she will have to put in that same effort back to get what she wants out of you.

It's a Drake song about an eye for an eye only this time you won't open back up to her as much as you did before so that's up to her to figure out whether that effort she is putting in will get her what she wants.

You move on of course but you treat her a lesson which is don't use anyone else ever again.

Not all people out there are like this but you will always have the few bad apples that will pop up in your presence. Just be aware of them and you will be fine.

God's Plan - 2018

When you listen to Drake's song "God's Plan" you realize that life the way we know it is all controlled by the higher power that fuels us.

Our belief of the powerful and the good. I would imagine that Drake was just like most of us when he first started out.

We strive in life to give back to others. You see those that do so much and try so hard but yet sometimes the luck just isn't quite there.

God's Plan is a great example of what we have inside us. Even is we don't have the money to give back we should still find another way to help out. If you see a problem, maybe it can be fixed by effort, care, or words of inspiration.

We can help an elderly person with groceries because all they are trying to do is bring them home to their grandkids so they can feed them. If they can just at least get them there, do that god's plan act and help them put them in the car.

If you are a young adult full of energy still, help that handicapped person cross the road so they can remain safe. You never know what happened to make them not be able to walk in the first place but it's just the right thing to do.

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