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A Story Behind The Music

Drake Take Care is when two people want to get together but just can't yet. They both have been burned before.

They try to figure out what it will take to get repaired when they loved their ex's so much. It's hard to be alone but it is all you want to do right now.

You feel this way because life doesn't make sense to you right now. You tried so hard to keep something so real together and it got dropped. Why can't you just date Beyonce and make everything better right?

Your emotions are scared. It's hard to pick back up when you feel that someone didn't care about you as much as you did for them.

Now you both are sitting next to each other wondering if you should give it a shot with one another. Will it work or not?

It is possible it will because you both have a heart. You used it towards the wrong people and it was torched alive.

This is possible that it won't happen because you both can respect what it feels like to get hurt as bad as you two are feeling right now.

This is where love can be repaired and brought into another relationship. The connection between you and her will go a lot quicker.

Your feelings are out in the open so they can be directed to support each other and make life a lot happier for you and her.

Try it and see what happens. If it fails, be friends. Just know that it might not have been the right time for you or her.

After hearing Drake Take Care, I think to myself what it felt like to get completely destroyed inside by the only woman that I ever loved.

Repairing a broken heart is difficult if a man gave it his all to a woman. I have been in that situation. I feel like I still am heartbroken but not as bad to this day.

"I'll be there for you." "I know that you've been hurt by someone else." These two quotes are coming from a man and a woman that both have been hurt before.

I honestly believe that it would work out well with two broken hearts meeting each other.

I feel that the love would be so much stronger. The reason why is because they both know what caused them to be in the state that they are in now.

They would both know better not to go down that path again. Their lesson was learned and it's time to treat a connection with better respect this time around.

It isn't anyone's fault that these things happen. It is just something that must be taken as a life experience.

Bottom line is I would be worried about dating someone that has never been in love before. Someone that doesn't know what it's like to get hurt.

That's only because they would be more prone to hurting me quicker than I could take another heartbreak.

The song Take Care, from a certain point of view, gives a feeling of the comforted relationship soon to come. It also resembles emotionally when a man and a woman relate to one another because of what they have gone through before.

Their pasts have brought them together because what has been done to them both. They can be strong together because they both know how to love when even though their past partners didn’t want to love back. Fortunately, they have met and will probably last forever now.

Sacrifices bring a real vision to what it takes to give up pursuing something that seems impossible at the time due to certain things standing in your way to accomplishing it. By taking out negativity in your life, you bring more focus to the table.

Your path begins to get clearer because the fog is leaving the area that you want to proceed. For example, by falling out of love with someone that is telling you that you won’t accomplish what you think you're going to makes it easier for you to believe in yourself.

It’s too bad that they never understood what you wanted to understand. It was a sacrifice you were willing to take.

Hotline bling can remind someone of those time when they were in love with someone and realize that those memories of what was happening mean more to you now more than ever.

At the time, those phone calls weren’t so important other than just meaning that it was another call from your girl. Now that she doesn’t want nothing to do with you, it comes to your mind that those calls were the caring and love involved with being interested in you.

You left her thinking that everything was fine but when you returned after not receiving communication from her anymore, you realize that she has made her own life without you now. That hurts.

How Bout now is a song that details what it’s like when success has landed into someone’s lap that you might have known before who was taking a path that you never thought would work.

Once that path can be proven now, people wonder if they can be involved since they knew you for a long time and now your famous. It is up to you to treat those the way they should be treated now that you have the fame and money to do so.

Remember to rub that success in the faces of who didn’t believe you at the time because the bottom line is they suck right now but you are up right now and it’s time for you to no longer care about them since they didn’t care about you for so long.

When your success has brought you to a level that you can give back to those that try so hard in life to at least give them a boost to the path they are going, that’s God’s plan.

Increase their chances of having a happier life by providing them some funding towards their hardworking efforts to get out of the struggle and support their family in a more comfortable way.

There is no need for you to be completely selfish of your financial freedom, so it is best to give back to people that deserve a little break due to their ambition to succeed.

Remember to only benefit them at that point and leave out the others that don’t deserve the help because all they will do is abuse the help rather than use it the way they should.

Sometimes you must remind people that this path you have created and succeeded with is in a working process to be a new way of doing things.

Why would we all want to keep only doing what has maintained people for so long but still have lived in suffering? Why would we continue relying on a system that barely gets us by instead of finding a solution to begin that dream of a stress less life that we all want to have?

It’s funny how when someone we know becomes successful, we tend to want to find something wrong with them and why his success has somehow brought more pain. Is this because we are jealous that we haven’t made it yet?

It’s up to us all to do better for ourselves even if it means to work even harder. Working a fulltime job and paying the bills only is sometimes not enough for some people.

Fear seems to remind me of what people may feel about you when you freak them out and obtain the goal that they always thought was just a dream in your head. What will they think when you turn yourself into what you said you always would?

Will they fear you at that point or will they come around and congratulate you for all the hard work and effort you put into doing what you said you would? You must decide how you will react to them at that point.

Will you have more stress from what you accomplish? More than likely you will gain a whole new level of stress that you never thought you would.

People will try hitting you up more and more because they could use an answer to a path that you had to find out on your own. Before you made it happens it’s weird how they didn’t give you the attention that you needed the most while you were on your path.

That is probably just the motion. The way things go in life. The fact that people only need you when it will benefit them but if they know that you can’t benefit them they are nowhere to be found.

All anyone wants to be in life is successful. How can you say that you don’t want that? There are those that have given up on it because they believe that the way it is will always be the same.

It’s your life and you can go through it the way that you would like. For those that want it bad enough, they will achieve it.

Marvins Room is a song about if you go out to the club and party it up but knew you had someone that could have been your one and only forever.

You didn’t realize who she was to you until you pushed her away from you. You found out that all that partying and those girls that hung out with you didn’t emotionally give a shit about you the way she did.

She has moved on but yet you still think about her situation when you get home and you are all alone. You try to continue to give her advice because you care so much about her now more than ever.

Drake Marvins Room is about noticing what situation your ex is in with her relationship problems. You still care about where she is headed in life with being a good guy.

You knew that you were good to her but yet things still didn't work out. You understand that you and she may not ever get back together again but you still want to give her advice.

You see that the guy she loves now treats her bad. You want better for her because you know that she deserves it.

You don't want to see her get used. Unfortunately, the heart that she had for you are pointed towards a guy that doesn't deserve her love.

He doesn't treat her love the way he should. He can care less whether she loves him or not. You want the best for her because you know she is a good girl.

Once you had some alcohol in your system, you start thinking about what you feel inside for her.

You know that you at least need to see her happy. If she isn't, you also feel the pain too. You make a call to her so she knows that you care about how she is doing. Some women out there just don't get it.

If they bring the love out of a man, they get too scared. That man will spend the rest of his life thinking about her after the love is brought to reality.

He sees what a girl can do to him so he is careful about who he falls in love with again. It's ironic how he will continue to think about the one that got away from him.

This is because she had the power to make him realize that he can, in fact, love someone. She should think about this hard and wonder to herself, could it work out better the second time around.

Life is about trial an error. It's sad to see people give up on one another after seeing that a few things went wrong. You have to grow from those bad times, not just give up.

Drake HYFR is about understanding what your steps are in life. It's about being confident in your decisions.

You realize that it takes someone strong and focused to get what they want. The point of that is to have no outside interference.

When you fall in love, that's apart of interference happening. It's the wrong path to take if you want to make something of yourself.

When you involve someone else hoping for their support, it's very unlikely that they will be completely there for you on it. It twists your mind when they start denying you of getting anywhere.

It's bad to have someones full attention at first. This is because they will be for you for a little bit. Then, once they start seeing that it might not work, they start talking bad towards it. The goal is to find friends that are on the same path as you.

Will they be down with it the whole way? Yes, because they are headed in the same direction. More than likely, someone that you fall in love with won't. This will cause you to think that it won't either.

At that point, your mind starts getting brainwashed into thinking you don't have what it takes. This is just all bad thoughts that you don't want to get yourself into.

Stay on the path of hanging out with those that are doing the same thing as you. This will be a bright future for yourself.

Drake Summer Sixteen is all about getting revenge on those who did you wrong in the past. It's time to prove your point.

That is what I am thinking about right now. There are so many people that doubt what I am capable of.

They are going to see how successful I can become. They will regret the words that came out of their mouths.

When I show them that I was right, it's too late for them. I will remember the emotional harm they caused. I won't ever forgive them for it.

Their intentions were to satisfy their selves of understanding that I was full of it. I am happy that I got the true colors out of them.

They aren't my true friends. If they were they would have supported me the whole time.

Instead, the negativity just had to come out of their mouths. They just had to state their opinion, didn't they?

Well now that I am on my way, they won't be apart of that journey. The benefits that come out of it will not be shared with them.

The revenge that I accomplish will show them I told them so. At that point, I will see how they react. I will look at the expressions they have on their faces. I will start to smile.

That is when I will look at my surroundings and discover what happened. I will figure out the reality of all the work that paid off.

The effort I put into my success shows for itself now. I only had to prove it to myself the whole time.

There was so much energy that I wasted trying to convince those I had around me that I could do it.

If they weren't n the mindset I was, they should have tried to understand me. They could have kept the support there for a friend in need. They did the opposite though.

How do you call them a friend? You don't one bit. All you can do is take that negative energy and use it in a positive manner. You spill your guts and let others know to be careful. You give advice to those who need it the most.

The ones that don't know better yet because they are young. You tell them to be careful of people that might appear to be role models. In reality, all they were is just talk. You can set a path to show others how you walked it.

The proof is there now for those that were against you. Now you can teach others what it takes.

Show them how to get it done by canceling the pointless advice from those who are lazy.

The ones that will be against it because they would never work that hard for themselves. They don't have your energy. Only you do.

"Looking For Revenge, All Summer Sixteen. Staying dirty, not clean. Looking like a damb football team."

I feel that Drake is talking about making music to shut out all the other rappers this summer who think that they are coming close to the level that he is at.

I like this song because it has a different meaning to it. It can mean that the points that anyone was trying to make to others that didn't believe in them are now on the way of proving results.

The thought of everyone turning against you and your ambition is coming to an end. They will look up to you this summer.

It is time to show your results and prove to them that you are who you say you are. There is no more time to waste.

This must happen in the summer of sixteen. You can't be patient anymore. It's time to live the life you want to live. You can't wait any longer.

After you prove it to everyone including yourself, there is only one thing left to do. It is time to get your revenge by treating yourself and not proving for those who didn't believe in you that you wanted support from.

It is time to give back to those who did and let those who didn't know that they can never be apart of that.

"To do what you couldn't do." Those words are strong to me because of how deep they go. What I am talking about is a former relationship I was in. I was with someone that I had kids with.

All she did was complain that we didn't have enough money. I never complained about it. I knew what it took to get to where I need to be. She didn't believe me of course.

Usually, people like her wouldn't believe in anything except that money grows on trees. Since she left me because of it, I let that get the best of me because of the heart I had for her.

To this day, I am no longer about what my heart says. I am out here looking for revenge.

To show her that I meant what I said. Prove to her that I had what it took if she would have just listened. Then not let someone fake like that be apart of my success. That is the revenge I seek.

Drake Come Thru is about being with someone for so long that you have grown a lifetime connection with them. You two broke up because things weren't going right.

Now that you have the time to spend with her, you want to try and have a night or two hanging out with her. Life was hard while you and she were together.

You both went your separate ways. After one of you became successful, you want to see where things can go.

You want to find out now after the hard times don't have to take place anymore, is it going to work? There is only one way to find out.

You need to get back in contact with her. Erase what happened in the past. You want to start a new relationship leaving out bad habits.

If you can find her and she comes out with you a few times, you think that things might end up different.

You knew then what got you two together. You also found out what broke you and her up. Sometimes it's better to get back in touch with someone that lasted a long time.

It might be in your best interest to see if it can last this time, now that there are no problems.

It can be a fresh start. If money was the only issue before, its smart to try again once you have finances covered.

There is only one way to find out. Pursue her one more time and see if she is down to try again.

If she is worth it, she should get a second chance. If she is completely against it, then it's over for good.

Drake Brand New is finding out what she sees in someone else that she didn't already have with you. Is that person better or worse?

Why is it that she had to run away and try to find something else? She had the person she could have been happy with the whole time.

Why did she remain unhappy? Interesting but the bottom line is you always want what you can't have. My ex-girl told me that once. I listened to her advice. I tried and tried to get her back.

At the same time, I tried to make her happy while we were together. Maybe it's just because I couldn't accept failure. I know one thing is correct though. You can never control someone but you can control something instead.

I will be brand new by pursuing that goal and will not fail at it. A question that I always ask myself is what happens when I get what I want with that something? Do feelings change with others? That I do not know.

I can tell you one thing though. Karma is you know what. I will probably end up repeating what she told me when my heart was killing me to fix the issues. You always want what you can't have.

The reason why I will get this opportunity to repeat that to her is that I will not want her like I did before eventually.

I believe after I prove my point and she wants to make an effort to trust me again since she seen the results, she will try to be with me again.

At that time, I will also relay the next famous quote from her that I will never forget. "It's not my fault your life sucks."

The very crappy thing to say to someone that is still in love with you huh?

Drake Trophies is about going after what you want the most for yourself. Don't ever pay attention to what others say with something they have never experienced.

They will down talk it because it is unknown to them. Just do everything for yourself when you go after something for future reference.

You can't get any advice from the people around you about it. It's wrong to mix professional stuff with emotions of how you feel about others. Best thing to do is go after what you think that will work. Keep pursuing it until it does.

Let them ask questions later. This is the only route to take without drama. What will happen is benefits for you and no one else. Enjoy your own success professionally.

In the end, it was what you had inside you and not them. Hats off to what you drove to the top.

A bunch of handshakes from the fakes

You ever wonder if all of the sudden people are going to accept you after you have already made it? It's a shame that they don't care about you while you are struggling to get to your success.

I find that very messed up that there is no care about you during the hard times in your life while you are homeless. You struggle to be a success as well as survive. That takes a lot of effort.

You ask these "fakes" for help during that time and some could care less.

Once they see that you are becoming very popular, it is all of the sudden convenient for them to come around and shake your hand trying to gain your friendship now.

They look at you like a loser until your popularity comes out and a lot of people start liking you. They see how that will all of the sudden benefit their already succeeding company when there was a lot they could have done for you while you had no place to stay.

In the end, if you are able to do this all by yourself, succeeding and surviving hard times while doing so, your mental strength will be at such a high level.

Your trophies will be yours to keep without sharing it with others that don't deserve them. I’m talking about those friends that should have been your support and dropped you when the time was complicated.

I told y'all mafuckas, man, this shit is not a love song This a doing me and only God can judge song

You did what it takes to get to where you had to go. You had all these people that were in your life thinking that it wasn't possible because it wasn't something they would do.

You tried to explain your ambition that you have what it takes. You had that push. What did they do to you though?

They kept putting you down mentally and not giving you the backup support you needed to become even more focused.

Since they did this to you, you had to turn your positivism to the next level of creating the energy to prove them wrong during your path. They put you down and you were turning up at the same time because of it.

In a way, they didn't even realize they helped you. It wasn't their intentions to give you negativity. They were only doing that so they could be selfish of their own minds and not open up to what you had to say.

You took that and proved them wrong. Only God can judge what you did now and not them. Only he can determine if you used your inner power correctly or not.

If I was doing this for you Then I have nothing left to prove, nah This for me, though

At first, it was about proving a point to someone. You spent so much energy and time into trying to convince others that you have what it takes to become successful.

It began when you knew you had to do be “someone” by working towards what you were most talented at. You had pressure by becoming who you had to be. Family (to you, kids, to Drake, his mom) depended on you.

The problem was nobody wanted to give the credit of who you set out to be. They down talked it. They thought you were full of it even though you put in time and effort.

What happened next? You made it about yourself. You had no other choice other than to do it for you. Why try to please them when all they were going to do is put you down for your efforts.

You turned it into your own happiness and future accomplishment focus. You saw where you were headed. The proof was there guaranteeing it would not be a waste of time.

After you pushed towards the goal, the light showed itself at the end of the tunnel and you walked on right through it.

Trophies By Drake is understanding what your future can hold for you if the path taken is continued with complete focus.

You can prove what you have accomplished because the proof can speak for itself now. It would have been nice to have the support along the way but that doesn't matter anymore.

You proved it to yourself and that's what counts the most. During your journey you felt like what you wanted to accomplish wasn't going to happen.

You thought that it couldn't be possible since everyone was giving you the cold shoulder about it. You knew what it took without their support all along.

You needed their negativity in a way. Everyone is out to prove a point. When people feel like they don't care because you are full of it, that is when the anger starts.

They want to be right. What do they have going for them though? Nothing.

They don't want to see you succeed because they never will have your energy. They help you be being against you.

The funny thing is they don't realize that they are only making it easier on you in the long run. The reason for that is you know you have time to prove your point.

When that time comes... the high is bigger than you could have ever expected.

I often think about success and what you leave behind. There are so many times when you feel like giving up is easier.

All that is going to do is prevent you from becoming what you must. You have got to keep your head up throughout the time that it takes to get to your trophies. Hard work will pay off. Trust me on this one.

There is no room for failure in life. You don't want to get to that age where you regret not doing more for your success.

When the results come, that's when it's time to relax. Always remember that anything is possible. After you see the outcome, you will have left behind all the bad memories of thinking that it would have never happened.

You can be proud of yourself at that point. It will no longer have to be your words that speak for themselves, it's the actions that you took.

You don't need anyone to give you advice because the advice you gave yourself did it for you. Complete independence is what you have accomplished.

How will it feel when your hard work pays off? The words that might sound like a dream now but turn into a reality when it comes.

You have proven your point to everyone. What you had said, you've accomplished.
Your actions have turned into success.

Now you have your own time to do what works. When you are finished with your work, you don't have anyone telling you when to be done and clock out. Your time is finished for the day when you know you came to a stopping point.

The rest of the day can be enjoyed doing what you have worked hard for, freedom. Just like in the 2nd example, you made your actions become a reality.

It's time to go shopping. You get to spend your time booking flights to vacation spots.

After that, you notice that your house needs an upgrade. Time to go down to the store and buy a 70 inch TV for your living room.

When you are finished hooking that up to your new surround sound speakers, you call the best club in town to get VIP reservations. You go in alone because you don't need to bring anyone.

Everyone at the club already is all you need. All you have to do is buy a round for the club when you get there and you got their attention.

When all the fakes come up to you trying to have a conversation, you choose who you want to bring to the VIP section that you reserved for 10.

Always gone but never hard to find

What Does "Drake Unforgettable" Mean? You may be away but you are still around no matter what. You are working on your independent career, becoming the very person that you know is inside you professionally.

The results are starting to show. You are who you thought you would be. No one can tell you otherwise. Your not "hard to find" because your accomplishments are starting to take effect. Your work is being seen everywhere.

There is no hiding you even though you are never around to explain what you did. Your popularity in what you have become is explaining it to all of those who didn't believe.

Never forgettin’ from where I came

Even though you are on an unforgettable path, you are still realizing how you grew into that journey. It all started from where you came.

You don't want to forget about what got you headed in that direction because it is the very reason why you are at the level you are at in the first place.

Thanks to your past, you are creating your present and future.

no matter where I’m headed, I promise to stay the same

Even though you have the destiny to get to, you will not change the way you think. Everything that you learned throughout your childhood into your early adult still will remain inside you. It is who you are as a person.

Just because a lot of negative has happened to you, doesn't mean you have to change the fact that you might be upset with the way you grew up. If it wasn't for what you have learned all your life, you wouldn't be doing what you are doing today.

That will keep you real and continue to allow your energy from all the negativity that you received to grow. Use that to your advantage professionally but never put someone else down and have them deal with what you had to.

When it comes to Childs Play by Drake, I often think about how a lot of bad women out there. They have this mindset like they are trying to take complete control over a nice dude.

They get their chance at a good guy and don't have any respect or trust in him. They know that he is a busy man but yet they try and have their power over the guy eventually.

A smart and nice man will put them back into the child stage though if they get out of line. The smart man will place the chick back into the crowd in the field.

She had her chance at being the only woman that he wanted to think about. Instead, she wants to get all crazy on him.

If she keeps getting out of line she is going to go back into the field where she has to earn her right back to get him again.

He tried being nice and she took advantage of the kindness. The respect needs to be there in both parties no matter what. There is no need for someone to try and control the other.

I can't understand how someone can be so negative as a positive person. I believe that there is a lot of people out there with issues.

A positive person keeps it real and as soon as a negative fake person comes around, they want to try and gain complete control over something that works well for the positive person.

My point is to be aware of this fake personality when people come around. Be sure and see right through the bs.

If you are that positive person, you don't have to be nice to everyone. Many out there deserve to be in the situation they are in because of the person that they want to be to others. Leave them out your life and on their own just like they need to be.

I put "Back to Back" by Drake on a level of walking the walk instead of talking about it. Drake is dissing Meek in this song.

The problem is that Meek tried to mess with someone that was at the very top of the game (Drake), which was the wrong move. Your words are better backed up if you are trying to pull a move like this.

I have been around so many people that try and act like they are going to do something with their lives and never do.

It is sad to see that they have nothing accomplished for themselves except feeling better in their head about it. They have talked to others and vented out what their idea was but yet no action was taken.

People need to realize that opportunities are not going to show up on your doorstep. If you want something, you better have the push to go and get it.

A lot of work is needing to be done if you are trying to be independent and be on top. Help might be out there on the way but at least 90% of what you want to become must be done by you.

The point I am trying to make is that no one wants to help others that much anymore. It is just something you have to do on your own if you want your name to be in first place.

Drake proves to Meek in this song that he isn't messing around. He can go to war with what he is best at. He is comfortable with what must be done in order to take out anyone that is trying to be on his level of competition.

When it comes to Drake 305 To My City, I find this being a great explanation of what certain people have to go through.

They get that negative judgment from others speaking about why it's wrong to do what they do. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and not worry about what others think.

If you are making it better by doing what others might not want to do, that is your own decision. If bills are getting paid and you are living well, keep doing you.

There is negative talk about what you are doing because those talking wouldn't do the same thing their selves. It's possible that there is jealousy involved.

"At the end of the night when you count, numbers don't lie to my baby
Locker room full of money, girl you just did it!" 

Bottom line, you are doing what you have to that makes sense. If you were able to get a better job you would.

The problem is that you tried that already and got turned down way too many times. The point that I am trying to make is life is still ticking away. If applications for good jobs aren't working, what other choice do you have?

You will do what it takes that works and nothing more. You can't continue stressing about these stupid employers that will not hire you because of the hundreds of others that applied for the same position.

If you have a talent, use it. If you are aware of how to do something without worrying about the middleman (the employer), do it that way instead.

Don't let those that have a stable job try telling you that you should be doing it their way when you have other options to make it your way.

Drapes closed I don't know what time it is I'm still awake I gotta shine this year

I could never ever let the streets down Haven't left the condo for a week now

The meaning of Drake 10 Bands is that it is time to focus on what you have to do. There is no room for play when it comes to getting to where you need to be as soon as possible.

The future depends on it. How soon do you want your professional career to succeed? This is a question you must ask yourself. In order for your success to happen, you must put everything you do in your free time aside.

There is no room for wasting time. Your complete attention has to be involved in complete productivity. You are already working a full-time job to make ends meet.

A lot of your time is being taken from you by doing that. You have to sleep at least 6 hours a day to have the energy every day.

What time is left for you? Friday and Saturday nights when your friends try and hang out because they are bored.

You should never be bored because there is always room for advancing into that financial success. Start concentrating on yourself only instead of what others are doing.

This means that it is time for focus and no worries about what the outside world holds for you. You have what it takes to get there. So do it and stop thinking about options.

The song Messages From You is about thinking about someone that eats away at you becoming happy. You try and go out to forget about her. You meet someone new that can make you the happiest man for the rest of your life but then you get that text.

That woman that ruined your life before now says she wants to be apart of it again. You unfortunately still love her, but you don’t want to. You can’t help it to talk to her even though you have a new girl that would complete you.

If your past girl comes back to you wanting you to be in her life again after you have succeeded to a level she never thought was possible because she thought that you were wrong and you proved that she was the one wrong, it might be time for her to come to own it in a way that she never did before.

You through your whole effort into success, she needs to through her whole self into the new relationship.

Once you prove you were right, there will be nothing but rewards and trophies to your success.

When you have said repeatedly to all these people that doubted you that you were going to do it, now you can show them how you really feel. They tried to bring you down the whole time.

You can have that attitude towards them that you always wanted to. The words of revenge. Now you can pull them down for being wrong about you.