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"So you're having my baby And it means so much to me There's nothing more precious Than to raise a family If there's any doubt in your mind You can count on me"

The Jodeci song Forever My Lady reminds me of how all men should treat their lady's that are having their child. 

There are so many situations where women have to take care of children by themselves. 

When a man assures that woman he is having a baby with that he will be there for her, it is giving her that comfort knowing that everything will be ok. 

No matter what issues and fights they go through or even if it causes a breakup, he will not give up on her because she is the caretaker to your child and it is the highest honor of respect that you will ever give anyone as a man.

This song by Jodeci brings to the attention to all men don't being awake and aware of their responsibilities that they know that is there.

A good mother will not give up on your child so whatever differences you and her may have, she will not put your child in harm's way.

For that, you must be a man and make sure she is well taken care of in any area she is failing. She will still do it on her own but will appreciate any kind of help she can receive from you. 

This is for all you men out there that still care. Don't give up hope and just simply ask the caretaker of your child if they need help with anything. 

If they say money, give it to her because she is using up all of her time to take care of your's and her child and can't work as many hours possibly to get money like you can to get money to take care of the child financially, so pull your weight.

For those of you that have it working out and have an accurate balance to keep it going, congrats for the amount of effort you are putting in to make it happen.

Forever My Lady is a song by Jodeci that means when you say "Forever" you mean it in a way that she is the one you will respect the most out of any other girl you will ever meet due to the fact that she has your child or children and it will feel as real as it ever did.
The Jodeci song "Stay" is about a reality check realizing how much you really screwed up with your relationship with the love of your life. 

The song can get you in touch with the truth of how you did the girl wrong that you were suppose to care about so much and instead you made the worse mistake ever by allowing your selfish behavior overcome something so special.  

You were committed to her and let her know that you love her and instead you still wanted more power by seeing other girls making her feel like she wasn't good enough for you. 

You chose to party with others thinking that you can keep her at home when you wanted her and when she found out that she wasn't as special as you made her feel since you were going out and meeting other women she got pissed at you.

This Jodeci song will put you in your place if you have messed up in the passed realizing that you put those other girls first before her. 

When you realize that those other women no longer care about you and the one that did extremely at one point still even to this day still gives you a chance on certain levels. 

She shows a certain type of love for you by still doing specific things but not releasing her full potential of what could still be possible.
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