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Justin Timberlake Song Emotions

Justin Timberlake Song Emotions

Justin Timberlake Song Emotions

Justin Timberlake song lyrics will make a woman's emotions realize that she is in the wrong if she thinks she is going to get back what she burned down with him.

She thought she can go pursue other men. She wants to see how many men out there she can get her way with. 

Unfortunately karma will come back to bite her. 

She had a good man that was loyal and dedicated to her and instead of being that back to him, she decided to make a game out of it. 

She finds out that other guys out there are not a dime a dozen to what she had. She is left alone now.

Justin Timberlake songs will make you realize that if you decide that you want to mess up something great by doing bad to it, you will realize very quick that it will take you down quicker than you think. 

Instead of talking about the small issues that were in the way of your supreme true love that has the ability to last forever, you realize that it might be better to just fill your areas with other people that will satisfy your emptiness.

If you decide to choose others as your option, be sure to understand that what you have will end. 

You will not be able to keep the one person that could have filled in those empty areas if you would have just communicated.

Justin Timberlake songs will allow you to understand that if you don't satisfy other people's hearts that you commit to, you will loose that area of your heart that you believed you would keep forever. 

Purity comes in the form of one other person or no other person.