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Michael Jackson Song Emotions

Michael Jackson Song Emotions

Michael Jackson Song Emotions

Michael Jackson song lyrics will bring your emotions to an all-time high with a lot of issues that are going on in the world. 

A deep emotion that comes off the top of the mind would be what happens when we come to an end with our relationship and the amount of impossible feelings that are exerted.

Michael Jackson songs will make you remember those times when you and your love of your life went to the movies together. 

When you sat close to one another in comfort and felt like you were on top of the world because you had your companion that accepted you.

When you two went to the park with your kids as a family as you took pictures of your kids you had with one another. Life was great. 

Michael Jackson songs makes you remember those times because you realize that those times will never come back because the peak of your relationship is now over and you have to move on without her.

Those times didn't go wasted though, be glad that you ever got to experience them because now they are apart of your life, not forever lost.

The fact that you were able to enjoy so many times with your loved one doesn't mean it is the end of the world when that love runs out.

All that it means is that love burnt the candle as long as it did and now that candle has burned out. It was special while it lasted but you can never force a candle to relight after there is more wick.

Be sure and understand how nice it was while it lasted is all. Your future is still bright to prepare for the next beauty in life