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Neyo Wikipedia Info

When it comes to one of Neyo's songs "Part Of The List," I can think of one of the best relationships I have ever had in my life. I grew up wanting to be sexual with chicks, which I did do a lot of.

Then came along the best woman that ever happened to me. She was the one that I loved so much and still have a lot of love left for.

It was because of what I opened up with her. I was very closed minded and still am with many girls. She tested me though.

She made herself become the biggest challenge I ever faced. I was up for the challenge because that is my middle name with everything I do in life.

Little did she know that I was up for it but I won because I married her and had two kids as well by her. Other girls were just too easy. She wasn't.

We spent time with one another. We went to restaurants, movies, and vacations together. We cooked and cleaned together. I opened myself completely up to this woman. These are things that I miss the most with her.

Not so much the bedroom time, which that was really nice don't get me wrong, it was the complete comfortability knowing that I can do all the things I loved to do on a daily basis with her and it felt like this was how life was supposed to be.

Life wasn't done just because we made babies and split. I still have unfinished experiences that I would still like to share with her but unfortunately, those things might have become "part of the list."

She no longer wants to do these things with me anymore and that is going to be what I will more than likely miss... they will stay on the part of the list of lifetime goals I wanted to do before I die.

The greatest challenge of all will be getting her to want to do the bigger and better things with me which she is completely over with. I am up for the challenge. Wish me luck.

Neyo Closer reminds me of what I felt like when I first came into contact with the one woman that will forever keep my ambition on the highest level to impress her once again one day like I did so long ago.

The words and feelings that she gave to me then got me hooked on her for life that I have to stop myself from pursuing her anymore because it got too deep. I just can't pull myself away. I just can't stop.

Anyone that is reading this, if you ever had this happen to you, you know what I am saying. You found what you are looking for. Your complete focus is to get back what you had and continue on with what you were doing so long ago. Did you give up already? Are you like me and won't ever give up?

I didn't. She is single right now but it wouldn't matter if she was married again and had more kids with someone else, I would still be up for that challenge little does she know. That is love and that's what Neyo's music is all about.

Miss Independent, don't even get me started. I use to be her breadwinner. She has impressed me, even more, going through what we went through and still found a way to keep it together.

The only reason I feel this way is because she takes care of my kids right now the two I love so much and will continue to love until the end of time. She is "miss independent" and that is why I love her.

"Let Go" sounds like the kind of vibe that I go through every day. All my closest friends tell me that I I should leave it alone but I can't.

They don't know what I am feeling and I don't know what they are either. It's only natural to listen to what you think is right.

What should I do? "Let Go" or be more successful than I ever was before to take away some stress that she is going through raising two kids that she barely has help from me with?