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Nicki Minaj Songs

List Of Popular Nicki Minaj Songs

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Rich Sex



Moment For Life

Pills N Potions

Right Thru Me

Your Love


Super Bass

The Night Is Still Young

Right By My Side

Stupid Hoe

Lookin Ass


Barbie Tingz

High School

Feeling Myself

Beez In The Trap

Pound The Alarm


Massive Attack


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A Story Behind The Music

Below is an emotional side to some of Nicki Minaj's songs. You can also see another list of Akon's songs and a story behind his music

"Beez In The Trap" is about being on top of your game. No one can touch where you are at in your original style. People want to be you but they can't.

You have that something extra on top that they won't be able to compare to. If you are good at something, you relate to these kinds of songs.

It's all about your attitude and focuses you have on your talent. If you believe you have what it takes, that is what you need.

Don't let anyone tell you that isn't you. Be true to yourself if everyone doesn't believe. This is about how strong you can be to do it alone.

Not everyone is going to follow your dreams. You just have to take what you want and go out to get it. If others are trying to hold you back, they are only jealous of where you are going.

They are mad that they can't come along. They don't want to see you do it because then they won't be as great as you. They don't have what it takes but you do.

"Lookin Ass" about noticing the guys that don't know how to pay for anything but want to still act like they are something.

They seem to think that people don't notice them. All they are out to do is play others. Whether it's taking from a girl or dude.

Broke guys want to steal from others instead of earning what they get. They would rather take someone else's money instead of making their own.

They don't belong in society. Their mindsets are a lot different from those that want to earn everything they get.

Why is it that they try hanging out around places they don't belong? Because they believe they can continue getting away with it.

They seemed to believe that their part of a crowd. Guys like this think they can get handouts because they deserve it.

Unfortunately for those that earn what they have will run into people like this. Ignore them at all costs. Figure out who they really are.

Don't get taken advantage of. It's the wrong move in the wrong direction to be around these kinds of people. They don't care about you, only themselves.

For example, if you go give them a ride somewhere, don't expect a favor back from them. They were only worried about their selves.

If you are stranded somewhere and need their help, it won't be from them. They will never go out of their ways to help you.

They get by from people that they can take advantage of. That is all. You can never count on them, they can only count on you.

Unless you tell them no, you are stuck with them. Don't be their juice to survive. It will only bring you down to their level.

"Favorite" is about the simple thing that everyone should know when it comes to a relationship. It's about not worrying about all the issues and problems that everyone faces when it comes to money and who is doing what in the household.

You are in a relationship for one reason. You are in it for the love. It doesn't matter whether she is doing the dishes or you are doing the laundry. The main point of the connection is for the love you feel for one another.

So what if he didn't take out the trash. Who cares if you have to do the dishes all the time. If you let things like this get into your head about why you or he has more responsibility it will break you two apart.

Bottom line, he just wants to be your favorite and you want to be his. Think about all the things that you do for each other, not the things that you don't. It isn't worth breaking something up that is so special from the start and ends up turning into a mess after the blame game starts.

It is something that is so irritating to me because I see this a lot. Even now more than I use to. I was the one that fell out of a relationship for that reason.

I see it more even now. A man or a woman getting chewed out for something so stupid. We need to stop doing this to the one we are supposed to love so much. Let them be your favorite and stop looking for reasons to fight with them.

"Right Thru Me" is about a woman explaining that a man is not paying attention to her feelings. She wonders why is it that you can't see what she is thinking about. She gives you the signs. You still see right thru though.

You and she have been together for a long time. By now, you should understand what her heart is going through when you do certain things to her.

How do you think she is going to feel when you talk to other girls? She is going to think that you are more interested in them and not her. All she wants for you to do is show her how special she is.

If she was that great to you, why talk to other women? This shouldn't even be on your mind. She is embarrassed by it because others are looking at her wondering why her man is doing the things he is. They think that is a sign of something being wrong in the relationship.

They look at it like her man is on the loose because she isn't taking care of him the way she should. She knows that this isn't the case because she does all of his laundry and feeds him well. She gives him her full attention when something is on his mind.

She gives pleasure to him when he wants it. It doesn't make any sense for him to be talking to other girls. He should quit doing that if he wants to remain with a good girl like her. She won't put up with it forever.