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RepRightSongs understand that the privacy of your personal information is a top priority.

We will never sell your information to third parties and do not approve of any other site that does.

If you have encountered this kind of behavior before, you can contact me personally at and I will work to resolve this issue.

I will never approve of spam and that is why I am going to help to eliminate it by providing information to Google due to their rules on privacy policy.

If you would like to take action into your own hands against these sites, you can submit a spam report request to Google. Be sure to have a Gmail set up before visiting this location.

On that form, let them know what domain you believe has attacked your personal information and how they have affected you. It is what the Google spam team is there for, to take out all the bad that is caused by others trying to create problems for others in order to gain there own profits from it not caring about you at all.

The Google Spam Team will work to get rid of these types of sites and keep these losers off of the online streets that you should be able to have safety walking on.