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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - Steve Jobs

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

There may come times in our lives where we sacrifice ourselves in order to please others.

Sacrifices are definitely a beautiful quality that we all possess. 

We must always remember though to still benefit ourselves as well by staying hungry and staying foolish.

What this means is never settle for comfort ability always set your mind to the next step in life.

We only live once so we must always feel accomplished my setting goals and achieving those goals throughout our lives.

Happiness comes from us pushing ourselves to complete something for a future destination.

We feel good when we are working towards a project that can be completed and we can feel great about it.

Even if you are running out of ideas set time aside for yourself one day and think of a new idea that will make you feel good about accomplishing it.

Be sure to set a goal that isn’t too impossible to achieve in a certain period of time.

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