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About RepRightSongs PictureRepRightSongs is designed to provide you with a various list of music videos by popular artists. Find emotional descriptions which will make you think a little deeper about what they represent in your thoughts from past or present experiences.

Everyone including yourself goes through a lot in life and it is up to you to understand what these paths taught you and how you overcome them. Having time to think to yourself why certain situations turned out the way they did should be your ambition in life so you can move on.

You want to try to live and forget, but it is important to learn from our experiences. You might think, well it wasn't my fault, it was theirs. It is important to listen to your deep emotions and figure out what's next.

This can be concentrating completely on yourself and becoming a very successful person one day out of the energy that you built up, or falling deeply in love with someone else, assuring that you will make the second time the best instead of repeating what you've gone through before.