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I Hear Your Heartbeat To The Beat Of The Drums - Kesha (Die Young)

Have you ever thought about what "I Hear Your Heartbeat To The Beat Of The Drums" could mean if it was more detailed? The fact that you can feel the love from another by being so close to them and having each others bodies compressed together. Both of your heartbeats are beating against each other like drums making life so peaceful at that very moment in time. They beat just like drums but it feels so soothing since you are with the one you love and they accept you by comforting you close . You not only hear the heartbeat through your ears, you feel the amazing sensation of another . Life doesn't get anymore sweater than that because the drums going back and forth together are as close to life as you possibly can be. If you have someone that you feel comfortable and close with, hug them and hold that hug for a while so you can feel the amazing effects of what life is all about. There is always people saying maybe you just need a hug. A hug is perfect because of the heart

The Day Will Come When You Become Happy Again

Don't feel like your life is over if something dramatic has happened to you. Seek out the beautiful moon from time to time if you must to grow your comfort You have to keep your head up and just simply go after what you deserve by hanging on to your inner soul. There is a lot that you still have to do because you haven't done it all yet.  Life brings us so many angles of adventure that it is impossible to get to all that is available. The best chance that you have at being happy is letting go all the negative that you no longer care about in your life. Snap into your own reality of what is bright for your future not others. If you are at the point that you just can't take it anymore, take away that pain by letting it go and pursuing a whole new you. We are only here for so long and have to enjoy it as much as possible. Failure is not an option at becoming happy by you being strong at it. It is not selfish for you to be happy, just do it. It is unfortunate if you keep ta

When All Else Fails, Do You

When you get to the point of no return and you tried all you can, you always have yourself. It is not selfish to think about what strength you have inside of you to get something accomplished for you without others. They have to deal with their own issues, you should have no part in it. You hold yourself back when you try and care too much about other people's problems and not you own. Be sure to still be kind as much as you can but if it takes away from your energy and your confidence to succeed, take a step back from them. Don't let them take you down to their level because you have your own balance to keep. Yes, provide them a little support but not at the cost of your own success. Hanging on to what you know is there is very important to grasp. There are just too many issues that so many people have that you can obviously detect but it should have nothing to do with you. It is natural to want to try and help others when you can see they are having a hard time. It is impor

What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Have you ever been through so much in your life to the point where you can't understand why no one cares about you as much as you thought they did? You thought that you were doing your best but yet others just thought the worse of you. If this is the case than you are only making yourself stronger realizing that a lot is up to you without the support you thought you would receive. You were holding on as much as you possibly could in order to show your respect for others yet they took it for granted no matter what you did. Any positive thing that you would present to them , they through it in your face like it was nothing. You wonder why they continue to do this to you over and over again when you do nothing but provide them your heart and soul. If you are going through all of this it just means that they don't deserve what you have to give. They don't deserve any of your attention until they are ready for it. There is no reason why you should hang in there and keep gettin

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