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Jodeci Song Emotions

Jodeci Song Emotions

Jodeci Song Emotions

"So you're having my baby And it means so much to me There's nothing more precious Than to raise a family If there's any doubt in your mind You can count on me"

Jodeci song Forever My Lady reminds me of how all men should treat their lady's that are having their child by talking and walking their words.

When a man promises that woman he is having a baby with that he will be there for her, it is giving her that comfort knowing that everything will be ok. 

No matter what issues and fights they go through; even if it causes a breakup, he will not give up on her. 

She is the caretaker of his child which mean the highest honor of respect that can possibly be given to a man.

A good mother will not give up on a child so why should the father?

Songs by Jodeci express true love that anyone should be able to pick up on and relate to their own lives if they have ever experienced it.