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When All Else Fails, Do You

When you get to the point of no return and you tried all you can, you always have yourself.

It is not selfish to think about what strength you have inside of you to get something accomplished for you without others.

They have to deal with their own issues, you should have no part in it.

You hold yourself back when you try and care too much about other people's problems and not you own.

Be sure to still be kind as much as you can but if it takes away from your energy and your confidence to succeed, take a step back from them.

Don't let them take you down to their level because you have your own balance to keep.

Yes, provide them a little support but not at the cost of your own success.

Hanging on to what you know is there is very important to grasp.

There are just too many issues that so many people have that you can obviously detect but it should have nothing to do with you.

It is natural to want to try and help others when you can see they are having a hard time.

It is important not to do too much though because it will take away from your destiny.

If you go too far, it will cripple what you are trying to go after so accept failure as soon as you can in order to find out what is ahead for you.

You will end up doing good without sacrificing yourself once you accomplish your destiny.

Give yourself that simple chance for once because you are wasting a lot of time by not doing so.

Happiness is around the corner if you start taking those steps towards it as soon as possible.

You realize that you have a lot of patience and you only got stronger by utilizing that quality.

Keep going in that direction, you got this.

Don't feel bad for others if they are making mistakes and not fixing what they are doing wrong.

Help those that need that second chance and they would be absolutely appreciative of it to the point that they won't ever mess up like that again.

Be sure to detect those specific people because your small little boost will bring light to their life.

Be sure to push those out of your life if they are not appreciating anything you are doing for them.

Something it is upsetting to do these things because you thought so highly of them and gave them a lot of respect.

That still doesn't mean you can't back out of their lives when you know they are disrespectful to you in anyway.

When all has failed after you knew you gave it what you could, go back to doing just you and you only.

You deserve to have that for yourself because it is your life not theirs.