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Usher Song Emotions

Usher Song Emotions

Usher Song Emotions

Usher song "Lemme See" emotions allows us to realize that we can talk all this game when we are up in the club with our short skirts or tight 6 pack showing shirts on but are we going to go through with that confidence?

What is our next step after we are impressing them. Are we ready?

We often slip up with this kind of impossible thing. Make sure you are actually prepared for the next step. 

Make sure you are the real thing and aren't just teasing the whole time. 

When it actually begins to start going down, don't think it is ok to back out just because you aren't in the mood anymore. Be about it.

Usher song "I Don't Mind" allows that woman to realize that a man that loves you is one that respects what you do. It doesn't matter what situation you are in. 

As long as you are going home to the man that respects what you are doing, everything else shouldn't matter. You work for a living no matter what that might be in order to enjoy your personal life. 

You had to do what it takes and now you have a man that understands and respects that.

Usher song "No Limit" emotions should have you realizing that there is no limit to what you and him can accomplish together. You love each other so together you will accomplish the un accomplishing dreams.

It is up to you and her, NOT anyone else. No limit and no outside judging by anyone else. 

All they are doing is taking away your possibilities together. They are speaking their mindset because they are confused about what love you actually have for each other.

They are un happy with themselves and that is unfortunate for them, not for you and her. If you love each other, there is no stopping what you can accomplish together.

Usher song "My Boo" has the emotion of realizing when you first fall in love with someone. That love is so pure and can't be broken even though it seems like it is at points. 

It is just the way it has to be. Sometimes it is correct to hide it throughout your life here and there because of how much it hurts to think about it. 

Just has to happen that way because it can make you and her weak even though you have your minds together.

You can still be reminded from time to time that yes that love is still there and yes it is still pure.

Usher song "Dj Got Us Fallin' In Love Again" reminds the emotions of the times when we meet our club girl. 

The connection is at the club because you and her have so much fun there. It is a love unlike any other.

It is that fun love that connects only at the club and no where else. When you two leave the club, the love stops. 

It's just that the DJ plays the perfect songs that you two enjoy so much because the songs connect your emotions together and the fun begins. 

Usher song "U Got It Bad" has those emotions of isolation being purposely stuck inside because of a divorce or realization that someone you thought loves you so much no longer does.

U Got It Bad if she is on your mind when you are at the club and meet another girl and still can't connect with her no matter what she looks like or how beautiful she is. 

You continue to think about the one that you now realize loves you the most and it is impossible to give that girl you met your full attention because your heart wasn't ready for her yet.

You realize that after the fact so then you sit at home everyday not feeling like going to work or out because no matter how hard you try, she is on your mind and there is nothing you can do about it.

Your heart has taken over and now controls your mind. It is natural that this happens.

Usher song also represents what happens to you when she actually calls you about anything small such as what are you and the kids doing today. 

You take sentences to an extreme thinking that those few sentences mean that you and her will fix the relationship now together because of the extreme emotional pain you are feeling realizing that she doesn't love you that way anymore.

Fact of the matter is she still does to an extent and if you are able to soak in what is still there you can carry on with your life knowing that you didn't completely hurt her as much as you thought you did.

The Usher song allows a man to realize to relax because he can get to that point thinking that he did something he never thought he would ever do to someone emotionally.

He unfortunately didn't realize it until an extreme event had to happen for him to realize that it was in fact wrong.

Now that you have it down, you do have it bad now but it's for the better.

Usher song "U R The One" gives your emotions the power to recognize who your future will belong to. You meet a girl and just have a certain feeling about her. 

You know that you will stop at nothing to get her. Even if you know she is a college student and you just graduated high school. Even if she turns you down the first time.

She sees you as immature but you are up for the challenge to prove to her you are not. 

You tell her all about you and show her actions of how much she can be loved by writing her a note and putting it on her window for her to see when she gets off of work. She sees how she can be loved if she chooses you.

The Usher song is complete because she chooses you because of your actions and how firm you are about them. 

She believes you and the amount of seriousness because of your deployment to Iraq coming up and how emotional you are about leaving her too quickly.

You find out while you were in Iraq that she is the one because she waits for you until you return to starts a family with her.

Usher song "Can U Help Me" is the song that makes a lot of sense to a man that has fallen in love with the woman of his dreams and unfortunately so suddenly gets taken from her to go serve the country due to the mandatory Iraq deployment he had to attend. 

He was still able to hold his heart together because he had a picture of her and him before he left and looked at it daily until he returned home so he knew where to continue at. 

Thankfully throughout the time he was away when he returned, he realized that she also fell in love with him as well because she still wanted to be with him and showed many action towards it by marrying him. Then she gave him kids as well.

Unfortunately throughout the times of being young and dumb, they lost that extreme in love feeling they had for each other. That is the way they felt at least because of the amount of fighting involved. 

Now that they have learned what love will do to one another, can they continue to grow at what is still left? Can they still help each other?